w3Police's Seminar on Online Reputation Challenges Faced by Oil & Gas Industries

Helping global and local brands in building & managing their online reputation for past 8 years, India’s leading online reputation management firm w3Police recently organized an in-house seminar to discuss the online reputation challenges faced by Oil, Gas, Mining and other heavy industries.

Having served many firms of Oil and Gas industries for a number of years already, w3Police organized the seminar to make the team members familiar with the new challenges and online reputation threats these industries are facing. Senior team member Amit Sharma gave an extensive presentation on the matter. Here is an excerpt from that:

“Oil, Gas and Mining companies are under humongous pressure from NGOs, environmentalists and governments. In such a scenario, negative online reputation and media can further dampen business prospects. That’s why we think online reputation management is critical for Heavy Industries, and deserves special attention.”

Matter discussed among the team members produced some crucial points that will help team in formulating more effective online reputation management strategy hereafter. After the session, senior team members also mentioned their plan to organize the seminar on a broader level with representatives of Oil, Gas and similar industries as the attendees. Visit http://www.w3police.com/oil-gas-mining-reputation-management.html to check Online Reputation Management solutions for Oil, gas and mining industries.

About w3Police

w3Police is one of India’s leading online reputation management service providers, which helps brands of a vast array of industries in building, repairing and protecting their online image. In past w3Police has served brands of real estate, healthcare, hospitality, Oil & Gas, Software & IT, and many more industries.  


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