VV Minerals, India Leads Other Heavy Mineral Mining Companies in Tamil Nadu

VV Minerals, India is the most leading heavy mineral mining company in this entire industry.

If the trends of Garnet mining are closely observed it is noticed that it is private companies like VV Minerals, Mining that have a dominating share in the world garnet market.

Garnet being an eco-friendly abrasive is widely preferred by majority of the countries. The demand for it is strong and shall also continue to be that way believes V. Subramanian MD of VV Minerals. However, in India it finds very little significance hence most of it is exported. Garnet is not recognized as an abrasive in our country because of the presence of cheaper variants. Beach mineral sand deposits are found in countries like Australia, India, South Africa, USA, Mozambique, China & Sri Lanka Australia was the largest supplier of fine grade Garnet till early 2000. Since the mines are depleted, the importers have turned to India and now VV Mineral, Vaikundarajan is right on top of the list of exporters of garnet.

India exports about 650,000 tonnes of Garnet annually of which over 85% of Garnet is from Tamil Nadu, in view of the variety and up gradation resorted to by the private sector. This achievement has come into place after 15- 20 years of relentless of efforts of the Private Sector companies like VV Mineral.

The Garnet Industry has not only improved the standards in the 3 backward coastal districts, where no other major industry is feasible, but also earned a good amount of much needed foreign exchange for the Country. It is highly beneficial for the state economy as well.

VV Minerals has gained all the statutory clearances before getting into this and all their mining activities and exports are continuously checked by the government officials and all activities are carried out abiding by the rules and regulations of the government.

Heavy mineral mining is completely eco friendly. About 20% of the sand is comprised of minerals and the rest 80% is replenishable and can be refilled in the mining sites, therefore not causing any sand erosion. Besides, mining is site specific, which means, the minerals can be mined only where they are present. Also, the places where mining takes place is beneficial in terms of development of roads, and basic amenities like health, education, sanitation.  In many regions, minerals are located in under developed tribal areas. Unless mining is undertaken here, growth and development will not take place and the living conditions of people won't change.

It should be noted that minerals are a finite, non-renewable resource. Mining is therefore a temporary activity till the resource is exhausted. The impact of mining on the environment is a temporary phenomenon, which can be minimised via sustainable mining. Once mining ceases in an area, the land can be quickly rehabilitated and returned to its pre-mining state.


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