VTS Partners with SeamlessDocs with Product to Bring All Government Forms Online Seamlessly

Leading government municipal partners with next generation form and esign platform

SeamlessDocs is excited to announce their new partnership with Virtual Towns and Schools, one of the leading companies in web development for municipal government, departments and schools.  This partnership would bring any documents and forms clients of VTS the ability to use SeamlessDocs, the next generation of filling out documents and forms.

Partnering with SeamlessDocs will give clients of VTS a unique and easy way of filling out forms, making sure that everything is done as smoothly and correctly as possible. With SeamlessDocs, users of VTS no longer need to worry about submitting an incorrect form. Having a layout that is easy to use and understand would mean that the room for error would ultimately decrease.

SeamlessDocs is looking to change the way people feel about documents. Instead of it being a long and tedious process, SeamlessDocs wants clients of VTS to have the best experience they can have while filling out a document.

"SeamlessDocs will become the standard for municipalities in the years ahead."  Says, Bill Letsky, Vice President of VTS.

Some benefits of this partnership include:

It’s instant: Users with smartphones and tablets can access and sign any document at anytime, no matter where in the world are they. What took 2 weeks before, can now take 2 minutes.

Increase in ROI: Due to the paperless route, clients can save a significant amount of money from cutting costs that include printing, and routing.

Companies interested in learning more about SeamlessDocs may visit www.seamlessdocs.com

About Seamlessdocs:

SeamlessDocs is a next generation form and eSigning platform that not only allows you to eSign but also builds a database in real time of information collected. SeamlessDocs can convert any PDF or Word Doc into a fillable, mobile friendly cloud doc that can be completed, eSigned if necessary, and synced with your cloud seamlessly.

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