Voom Announces New Videos with Increased Focus on Stress Reduction

Voom's "Stress a Little Less" mindfulness-based stress reduction videos allow employees to focus on their mental well-being by learning scientifically proven techniques in stress reduction.

Voom, a workplace wellness and activity platform, today announces that it has added a new series of mindfulness-based stress reduction videos to the program’s queue. Voomers will now be able to both learn and practice this widely popular and scientifically proven stress reduction technique as two minute breathing, meditation, and visualization video breaks are delivered right to their workstation.

Designed by two prominent physicians, Voom is delivered to the user's desktop, mobile device, and/or tablet; each two minute session—or "micro-break"— engages users in an interactive program of stretch, strengthening, and now mindfulness exercises. The new meditation videos were added in direct response to increasing levels of employee stress, anxiety, depression, and burn out. The American Psychological Association finds that 41% of employees feel stress at work while The World Health Organization estimates that stress costs American employers $300 billion dollars a year in health care costs and lost productivity.

“The more time I spend in the wellness world, the more I see that mental health, stress, anxiety, depression, and burn out are the new frontier for wellness programs,” said Dr. Gregory Soltanoff, President and co-founder of Voom. “As a chiropractor, I’ve long told my patients that stress can exacerbate injuries and pain, and have ‘prescribed’ mindful meditation as a stress management tool for years.” 

“Practicing mindfulness myself, and seeing the myriad of companies offering courses to their employees, including Google and The Huffington Post, it was the next logical step for Voom. Employers who are looking to incorporate some kind of mental well-being component into their wellness program can use Voom knowing that their employees will not just learn these techniques, but will be reminded to use them every single day. We’re really proud of what we’ve created, and know it will have a positive impact on people’s lives.”

Voom is offered within a "gamified" framework, giving users the opportunity to earn points, badges, and rewards for fulfilling program requirements. The wellness program also issues ‘V-mails,’ or period report card emails, keeps users engaged by utilizing network leaderboards, and allows both individuals and business administrators to track progress.

Voom can be licensed for corporate users or purchased for personal use. For further information about Voom, to purchase the program for your business, or to inquire about partnership opportunities, please visit www.voomwell.com.


About Voom:

Voom is a complete, cost-effective, fitness and wellness program that gets employees moving throughout the day through hourly exercise breaks. The program engages, motivates, and educates users on the importance of physical activity and mental well-being, making health and fitness both attainable and fun.

For additional information, contact: info@voomwell.com

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