Vanquish Marketing's Positive Culture, Hiring Strategy

Maintaining a positive company culture is a point of emphasis for the leaders at Vanquish Marketing. The firm's director of operations discussed his approach to keeping his team engaged and detailed his hiring philosophy.

The leadership group at Vanquish Marketing recognizes the fact that even the most talented teams can become disengaged and unproductive without positive leaders in place. That’s why Chris, the firm’s director of operations, focuses on his own happiness and emotional intelligence as he seeks to get the best out of the firm’s associates. As he commented, “I know that if I’m in touch with my own motivation and stay positive on a daily basis, it will mean great results for our entire team.”

Chris has embraced the PERMA model when it comes to his own happiness. “The PERMA system basically highlights the essential elements you need to have in place to be truly content in your life,” he added. “It encompasses positive emotion, engagement, positive relationships, meaning, and accomplishment. By monitoring these aspects of my life and encouraging my team members to do the same, I make sure that we’re all focused on achieving great things every day and that we’re all keeping our sights set on the big picture.”

Emotional intelligence is also a critical attribute for top performers and business leaders. As the director added, “Being emotionally intelligent means that you can anticipate the needs and concerns of others, and it’s hard to imagine a more important attribute for a professional in the marketing industry. It also means that you don’t take your negative feelings out on other people, and I remind my team members every day to accentuate the positive in all their professional interactions.”

"We're looking to grow our incredible team here at Vanquish Marketing,"

Chris T.

Director of Operations

Vanquish Marketing’s Director of Operations Elaborates on Hiring Methods

“We’re looking to grow our incredible team here at Vanquish Marketing,” said Chris. “When it comes to adding new talent to our organization, we go well beyond the typical skills and experience required for the work we do. It’s vital that we identify the right cultural fit when we’re evaluating candidates, so we go the extra mile to ensure that.”

There are several ways that Chris and the firm’s other leaders assess candidates for cultural fit. As he stated, “One method we like to use is asking focused questions during the interview. We try to get every potential addition to our team to open up a bit and describe how he or she would handle delicate situations. Basically, we just want to know that thought processes align with the sense of integrity and empathy that we want our associates to display on a daily basis.”

When hiring with culture in mind, it’s also important to investigate a candidate’s past work history. “If there’s a clash in values between where an individual last worked and our firm, we have to consider that carefully,” noted the director. “That person may find it difficult to adapt to the culture that we have established. While that’s not a total deal breaker, it certainly gives me some pause. If I don’t feel that we can bridge those gaps it’s a good idea to move on to someone else.”


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