Vanquish Marketing Gears Up for Holiday Season

Whether it's sleigh bells or cash registers ringing, the holiday season is a bona fide mix of merrymaking and sales generating. At Vanquish Marketing, a bright season is one in which the team's productivity stays high.

“This is one of our busiest times of year,” said Chris, Vanquish Marketing’s director of operations. “That alone is a great reason to celebrate.”

As Chris noted, the Vanquish Marketing team plans throughout the year for this season. “This is certainly a hectic season,” he explained. “In addition, it’s one of our most profitable. To capitalize on the activity, we ensure that we’re prepared with ample staff to meet demand.”

According to Chris, the team regularly works on developing key customer service skills. “This is the season in which we see our hard work pay off,” he noted. “Our associates are continually recognized for their abilities to provide exceptional service by engaging consumers in positive brand experiences.”

"Our associates still manage to guarantee each person we interact with feels as though we're there for him or her,"


Director of Operations

“Our associates still manage to guarantee each person we interact with feels as though we’re there for him or her,” Chris added. “No one likes to feel hurried or rushed, so we take time to answer questions while also ensuring that we’re maintaining high productivity levels.”

Chris stressed again that the secret lies in preparation. “If the period from November to January 1 represents your bread and butter, you need to be ready to capitalize on it at the start,” he shared. “Therefore, we start reviewing trends, testing techniques, and analyzing forecast projections months in advance. This allows us to position brands in the right channels and use the proper messaging once its go-time.”

Vanquish Marketing Managers Discuss Holiday Giveback

While considered to be Vanquish Marketing’s busiest sales period, Chris stressed that the team is ever cognizant of the need to give back to the community during the holidays. “This season in particular is ripe with unique opportunities to share our bounty of time, talent, and treasure with others,” he said.

Not only does the team participate in philanthropic activities this time of year, Chris shared that the managers view it as a golden opportunity for team building. “We work together to decide on a cause and how we’d like to support it. This could be anything from donating funds or supply drives to actually making time to assist the organization directly. Remember to set goals to ensure your efforts are successful.”

Chris suggested that teams wishing to give back should also consider contacting long-term care facilities, children’s advocacy groups, veteran’s hospitals, and other agencies to see if there are people who might need extra holiday cheer this year.

Chris concluded, “Helping others adds some perspective to our efforts. It’s not all about sales. It’s about doing something that benefits the community. We’re a stronger team as a result.”

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