Vanquish Marketing Focuses on College Grads for Careers

The Vanquish Marketing team launched a hiring initiative which will target college grads for internships and full-time positions. The firm's director of operations discussed the benefits of higher education partnerships.

“Now that the month of May is upon us, it is time for college graduates to enter the workforce,” said Chris, the director of operations at Vanquish Marketing. The company has launched its hiring initiative, which will target college graduates. “We are looking forward to hiring the brightest young minds who want to join our winning team,” he added.


The management team at Vanquish Marketing is offering full-time positions to new graduates. “New college graduates bring a tremendous amount of energy to our agency,” said Chris. “They are willing to learn anything you throw at them.” With the prevalence of technology in today’s business applications and marketing campaigns, bringing in new talent is easier than ever. “These students have already seen most of the technology that we use today,” said Chris. “If not, they can learn it more quickly than our senior associates. They are able to adapt to our environment very rapidly.”

"These students have already seen most of the technology that we use today,"


Director of Operations


When new team members join Vanquish Marketing, they are given the opportunity to develop their careers. “Even as a new graduate, you need to initiate the process of building your career,” said Chris. “When you join our company, you don’t have a job, you have a career, which is a great way to start.” Various training programs are offered by the firm, which range from marketing to leadership skills. “If you are ambitious, your opportunities here will have no limits. We expect that you will be able to lead this company one day,” Chris added.


Vanquish Marketing Partners Establish Higher Education Partnerships


The executives at Vanquish Marketing are committed to helping college students start their career development before they finish school. “We have partnered with a number of local universities and community colleges to create an internship program,” said Chris. The program gives students the opportunity to work in a corporate environment while they complete business and marketing classes at their respective schools. “Today’s job market is very competitive. This program gives students the opportunity to gain valuable work experience before they apply for their first jobs.”


The internship program has had positive results. “In addition to learning new subject matter, students are given the opportunity to develop their teamwork and leadership skills,” said Chris. “You don’t gain that level of experience by sitting in a classroom.”


Each intern has the opportunity to work on a marketing campaign from start to finish. This includes the initial meeting with the customer through the final presentation and the results analysis. “We want the students to learn the process, and to see how their contributions impact our business,” he added.


Once the students have completed the internship program, Chris hopes that they will consider Vanquish Marketing as the place to launch their careers. “We hope that the investment in our interns will benefit our long-term business,” said Chris. “Our interns are welcome to join our company when they graduate.”


Because of their experience with the company, the students will be competitive candidates in the job market. “Those interns who proceed to other opportunities will be more marketable due to our internship program,” said Chris. “It’s a great feeling to help the younger generation get started. We look forward to networking with them so we can monitor their progress.”

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