Vanquish Marketing Expands Into San Diego and Las Vegas

Vanquish Marketing's managers announced that they have expanded their base of operations. The firm has opened offices in the San Diego and Las Vegas areas.

“I am extremely excited to announce that Vanquish Marketing is dramatically expanding,” declared Chris, the firm’s director of operations. “We have seen an intense increase in demand for our interactive promotional campaigns, and have the great honor of opening new offices in both Las Vegas and San Diego. In fact, we already have brands lined up and waiting for us to get on our feet in both cities. It’s a busy time for us, but I have full confidence that the Vanquish Marketing team will make this expansion effort a great success!”

When asked how he and his crew were able to expand into two major metropolitan areas, Chris said, “I attribute part of our success to clearly defined goals. I think goals are really important for a business. Without them, at best, an organization just coasts along − and in today’s competitive global marketplace, that’s not good enough. Novelty and growth are required to stay relevant.”

Not only does Chris set goals for more traditional areas like revenue, sales, and customer acquisition, but he also looks at less obvious areas. “I think it’s important to have a target for every division. Promotions, team growth, customer satisfaction, even loss prevention. If it’s important, Vanquish Marketing has a goal for it.”

"I am extremely excited to announce that Vanquish Marketing is dramatically expanding,"


Director of Operations

Vanquish Marketing’s Director Discusses Hiring Initiative

According to Chris, one of the great things about the company’s growth is the number of new positions available. “I think it’s awesome when we have a chance to invite people to join the Vanquish Marketing team. Technology has completely changed the face of advertising, and we need fresh ideas and perspectives to keep up. New associates help us provide that.”

In return, Vanquish Marketing has much to offer aspiring marketers. “We’ve opened two offices, so there’s a huge variety of roles that need to be filled. What’s more, every position has a clearly-defined management path attached to it. We don’t hire people just to do basic jobs; we want motivated, career-oriented people to find long-term satisfaction.”

Chris and the Vanquish Marketing managers back up their advancement opportunities with a comprehensive training program as well. “We don’t throw people to the wolves. When we bring someone on board, they are paired with experienced marketers who are eager to share their knowledge. On top of that, our training seminars and support structure are superb. I highly encourage anyone interested in an exciting career to fill out an application at”

About Vanquish Marketing Group

Vanquish Marketing Group is a high-performance marketing firm with years of experience in the promotional events industry. Their skilled team of branding specialists has the talent and training to design on-site promotions that generate lasting brand growth, impressive consumer engagement, and increased revenues. As a result, they have built a reputation of success and flexibility that has allowed them to expand into new regions and customize consumer events to meet specific client objectives. Their dedication to core values has separated Vanquish Marketing Group from their competition, and their commitment to excellence means that they will continue to help businesses expand and grow.

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