UST HR Workplace Launches Employee Handbook Builder for Nonprofits

The UST HR Workplace introduces a user-friendly Employee Handbook Builder, which enables nonprofit organizations to efficiently educate employees on company policies while ensuring both state and federal compliance and protecting them from legal liability.

​The UST HR Workplace powered by ThinkHR recently released its newest addition to its list of cloud-based HR services—the Employee Handbook Builder—providing nonprofits the essential guidelines and state-specific regulations they need to create up-to-date, state-specific employee handbooks.  

In addition to the Employee Handbook Builder, the UST HR Workplace provides exclusive access to hundreds of online employee training courses, a live HR hotline, a Job Description Builder and a Compensation Calculator. The UST HR Workplace acts as a valuable support system for nonprofit HR departments of all sizes, helping to address urgent HR questions and protect them from costly litigation down the road, when unemployment claims or lawsuits can arise.

 “The UST HR Workplace has been a tremendous hit with our program participants,” said Donna Groh, Executive Director of UST. “In 2015 alone, UST members have logged in to the HR Workplace website nearly 7,800 times, with the most popular resources including the new Handbook Builder, sample policies and downloadable HR forms and checklists. We are so pleased that this HR platform provides such an ongoing source of support for our members.”

Maintaining a comprehensive and current handbook at a nonprofit is crucial when investigations and employee claims arise. Whether employees have questions surrounding social media regulations, email usage or the organization’s internal rules, having an employee handbook keeps everyone on the same page—protecting nonprofits from costly litigation. The ROI of having an employee handbook is immeasurable. It can protect an organization during a legal suit, minimize confusion for employees and their managers, and act as a valuable resource that reduces the time Human Resources spends answering questions.

“With our participants having taken more than 3,600 online training courses and submitting nearly 3,000 HR questions throughout the last 12 months, I think it’s safe to say that the UST HR Workplace has been a highly valued resource,” said Adam Thorn, AVP of Operations.

For a free 7-day trial of the UST HR Workplace powered by ThinkHR, which provides exclusive access to the Employee Handbook builder, live HR Hotline, downloadable templates and 200+ online employee training courses, complete the online form here.  


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