Unsafe Levels Of Toxic Chemicals Are Found In Jeffersonville Water Supply

The water supply in Jeffersonville, Indiana has recently risen above the EPA's suggested chemical level of 5 ppb.

It has recently been discovered that Jeffersonville’s well-water supply has been contaminated with toxic chemicals well over the federal EPA’s maximum recommended level of only 5 ppb.

Authorities recently found that the toxic chemical used in dry cleaning and similar industries has spiked to 8 parts per billion. The most recent report from early September found that the levels have since reached up to 870 ppb.

The hightened chemical levels in the water supply began to elicit worry in census workers over a year ago. Consumption of large quantities of the chemical could lead to serious health problems. Chemical levels this hign can also be exceptionally dangerous for pregnant women and children.

An environmental consultant stated that the chemical in question is tetrachloroethylene, also known as PCE or PERC. The International Agency for Research on Cancer has labeled it a Group 2A carcinogen, meaning that it can cause cancer in humans. Studies have found that this particular chemical is most commonly associated with the development of lung and bladder cancers.

In an attempt to protect residents of the area, all drinking fountains and ice machines have been shut off. An alternate water supply has been provided in the meantime.

The Census Bureau plans to do more soil and groundwater testing to get a better idea of how to handle the situation. There are also plans to perform a groundwater flow test to determine if the water flow has changed.

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