Twitter Becomes A Searchable Domain

A new update is soon to be released that indexes all past tweets for searches.

Twitter is in the process of releasing an update that is changing the way users approach tweets. In just a few days, users will be able to search within a full archive of public tweets. That means every tweet that has ever been shared publicly will be indexed for searches.

In conversations regular Twitter users, the feedback is mixed. Some are excited about the ability to search through the past tweets of their favorite accounts. Others, however, are not so fond of this development.

Part of the attraction to this social media platform is the real-time effect. Once a tweet is tweeted, it falls into the abyss to become a fond memory of of past engagements with fellow Tweeps. This reminds Twitter users of real conversations. A large part of the joy is staying engaged enough to catch all the action.

Of course, in the grand scheme of things, this update is a blessing for businesses that use Twitter as a marketing platform. A Twitter marketer who takes advantage of trending topics, keywords, and hashtags places themselves in the running to dominate the platform.

That is because, with this update, approximately half a trillion tweets (images included) will be indexed for searching. With every passing day, that number increases significantly. So, all a Twitter marketer needs to do to succeed is regularly post fresh content tagged with the right hashtags and keywords. Tweeps will take it from there.

The update is expected to release within the next week on desktop and mobile apps. For more information about social media marketing in the meantime, contact Raptor Websites at 702.905.0095.


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