TPG Partners With Jakarta Against Drug Counterfeiting

The Peterson Group, a non-profit organization campaigning against illegal production, manufacture, distribution, importation and exportation of counterfeit drugs across the globe has been taking step by step realization of its goals and aspirations by partnering with one of the world’s most renowned city to penalize anyone who is caught red handed on the use or utilization of fraudulent medicines. One of Indonesia’s non-profit organizations, Anti-Counterfeiting Organization (ACO) has just signed a contract with TPG for a lifetime partnership against the counterfeiting.

With the bond signed by both parties and the utilization of experts from each’ resources, they have the following goals to follow:

1.     Identify counterfeited medicines which are rampantly spreading across legitimate companies

2.     Categorize counterfeit from real ones by inventing new process and/or system which may include but is not limited to bar codes, ultraviolet reactors, scanners, etc.

3.     Obliterate illegal businesses involving counterfeit medicines and scams online through partnership with the government, public institutes, private companies and civilians and customers

4.     Strengthen support on legitimate medicines and pharmacies

5.     Gather more external and internal companies and organizations  partners to further widen the scope of reinforcement

Marie Turner, TPG’s spokesperson and a licensed pharmacist herself, expressed her gratitude to be able to secure support from ACO, a big organization known to create big steps in its previous campaigns. She stated in an interview, “Now that we have the support of a very strong organization, our cause cannot fail. It may take a very long process to really diminish them all but now that we know there are people behind our backs; we can overcome all the challenges”.

She added, “There are frauds out there. Professionals cannot do this campaign alone. Although the partnership permitted us a wider scope and more resources, we still need help of civilians and citizens who are the direct victims of these sinful acts.” She ended her statement with a plea, “If I may, I would have to ask for everyone’s help. Please, let us be careful of the medicines we take. Assistance of these illegal transactions is also like putting innocent lives into your hands. Please, let us be cautious and take this warning at heart”.

With the partnership already at hand, we can expect a more active participation from both parties in eliminating counterfeit medicines from the market, whether it is online or in an actual pharmacy.

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