Thrive Events' Team Volunteers for HALO Animal Rescue

“So many of our best friends are animals,” noted  Thrive Events’ president. “It made our decision to volunteer for the HALO Animal Rescue easy.”

She noted, the HALO Animal Rescue provides shelter for homeless or abandoned cats and dogs. “As a no-kill shelter (healthy animals are not euthanized), these friends find a safe haven in which to await adoption by their forever families,” she said. “This means the shelter needs support and help with caring for the animals. We’ve headed there to help clean up the shelter, as well as deliver some much needed TLC to these pooches and kitties. The unconditional love these fur babies give back in return makes it all worthwhile. How can you not feel great after playing with kittens or taking a dog for a walk?”

In addition to helping out at the HALO Animal Rescue, the Thrive Events team also collected over 30 pounds of women’s clothing and donated them to Susan G. Komen for Breast Cancer Awareness month. “Many of our associates have had family or friends suffer with this disease,” she noted. “We’re proud to support this cause as well. Our donations will be used to help women in need.”

"There's always a way for businesses to give back,"

Company President

Thrive Events Managers Stress Importance of Giving Back

She noted that the Thrive Events team is always open to philanthropic efforts like those previously noted. “Our culture is designed to foster volunteer efforts,” she said. “We firmly believe that as members of the Phoenix business community, it is our civic duty to help the organizations that make our city a better place to live, work, and play. We seize opportunities to help the less fortunate – the sick, the lonely, and the hungry.”

“As a team, we select causes that are important to us,” she added. “We discuss how we’d like to help. For the animal shelter, we chose to roll up our sleeves and volunteer directly at the sight. For other charities, like Susan G. Komen, we opted to set a goal to help collect needed items. We push ourselves to deliver 100% in all we do, and that includes our commitments within the community.”

“There’s always a way for businesses to give back,” she concluded. “I’m proud that our team enthusiastically dives into these activities. We’re a stronger company as a result.”

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