Thrive Events, Inc.'s Success Through Cultural Development

The Thrive Events, Inc. team is taking an unusual approach to business growth. They are investing in cultural development in order to achieve goals more efficiently, stated Puneh Nejad, the company's president.

​Most marketing companies tend to focus their growth strategies on client acquisition and team expansion. However, as  indicated, Thrive Events, Inc. is focusing on their culture with the understanding that doing so is the most reliable way to attract top talent and to find new brands to represent.

“Our team is at the center of our company’s success,” she explained. “Therefore, the best way to improve our services is to develop our team. Culture is really the key to not only attracting new talent, but also to motivating and engaging our existing group.”

She added that having a strong sense of purpose leads to a more satisfied team, lower turnover, and a strong desire to get the job done. This subsequently has significant benefits for the financial performance of the firm.

"It is pretty clear to me that culture is essential to success,"


“It is pretty clear to me that culture is essential to success,” she said. “By empowering people and teams through our cultural development, we are creating a cohesive unit of professionals who can address and overcome almost any obstacle.”

Thrive Events, Inc.s President Discusses Characteristics of a Strong Culture

According to the President, one of the initial challenges to developing culture was the fact that it is easy to spot but not as easy to define. She indicated that in many companies, leaders just know whether they have good cultures or not. She had to do some research in order to find the key areas on which to focus in order to achieve such an environment at Thrive Events, Inc.

“The first thing I found is that respect is extremely important,” she stated. “It may seem obvious that you’d want your team members to be admiring of each other, but I found that it is vital to actively work on this even in a relatively positive environment. I made it a priority for the management team to communicate how imperative respect is.”

This fed into the second element of a healthy culture – confidence. She works hard to empower her team to feel confident enough to overcome anything. She knows that people want to do well, so by putting her trust in her team members she encourages them to consistently go the extra mile.

“Purpose was the other big element,” she concluded. “Giving people a sense of why they are doing their jobs made a big difference. It is simply easier to motivate yourself when you know why you are working.”

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Thrive Events, Inc. is a goal-oriented provider of dynamic promotions that are tailored for the modern marketplace. Through cutting-edge research techniques and competitive creativity, their executives deliver unconventional, flawlessly-executed promotions that generate rapid, measurable results. The firm has built a reputation as a respected promotional leader by delivering high-value returns for clients of all sizes from varying industries. A commitment to core values has separated them from the competition, and they continue to help their clients expand their market influence through inspired and imaginative initiatives. Thrive Events, Inc. is poised for expansion and looks boldly toward a bright future fueled by innovation.

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