There's Nuclear Gold In This Sand, But No One Can Do Anything About It: VV Mineral

VV Mineral, is a two-decade-old, private heavy mineral mining organization, who has been mining beach sand. These include radioactive minerals on the Kanyakumari coast.

The process of separating thorium from monazite, a rare earth ore found in the area, requires a particular technology which VV Mineral does not possess. As of now, the company only extracts and exports garnet and ilmenite to 20 countries, including Australia and the US.

The Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB), which controls the use and extraction of radioactive materials, does not allow private companies to participate in this sector. As per a report presented in the Lok Sabha in 2002 by AMDER, the country has 12.8 tonnes of thorium present. However, a similar report states that there were just about 10.7 tonnes of thorium present in India. Thus, raising the question of the nearly 235,000 tons of thorium, that is missing.

If private players were to be a part of this segment, then the benefits to the country and the company could not be understated, says, V. Subramanian, son of S. Vaikundarajan.

Firstly, it would increase competition in the field, which would benefit all the companies and the country involved. Secondly, it would be bring in new ideas and methods for extraction. The technology used can be instrumental in thorium. Thirdly and finally, it would give a chance for companies to research on the material and pass that open to the public. If the government did plan on opening its doors for private players, then all it would have to is make stringent laws for companies involved to behave accordingly.

The nuclear gold in the sand is deserted unharmed and undamaged after the mining exercises are finished by VV Mineral. S. Vaikundarajan, the company’s owner understands his obligation towards his colleagues, society and the earth and does not neglect to satisfy his obligations.

Over the years, CSR activities by VV Minerals are justified. S. Vaikundarajan tries to reimburse the general public in whatever ways he can. VV Minerals has confidence in practical advancement that would end up being gainful to everybody. Emulating the legislature standards and principles has dependably been their significant quality all through that has additionally helped them construct a decent picture in the general public

VV Minerals is a private heavy mineral mining organization that has been mining shoreline sand that incorporates radioactive minerals on the Kanyakumari coast. All their mining exercises are completed under the supervision of master designers who have complete learning on heavy mineral mining. Mining of such heavy minerals is not a joke and subsequently, VV Mineral, verify that it is carried out warily without bringing about any mischief to the earth.


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