The Pot Rack Frees Up Counter and Cabinet Space ...

The Pot Rack frees up counter and cabinet space yet leaves all your pots and pans within arm's reach.

Imagine not having to dig through a messy pot and pan drawer under your stove. The Pot Rack can solve this problem. The Pot Rack is a wall mounted metal framework designed to suspend and display your cookware and accessories on the wall of your kitchen. The Pot Rack would be a handy organizational tool that would free much needed space for other items in your cabinets or countertop. It would solve the common problem of reduced storage space in the kitchen, as well as the difficulty most people have when searching for a much needed cooking utensil or piece of ovenware.

The Pot Rack would be a metal framework assembly square in shape, with a flat surface with evenly spaced holes that would accommodate J-hooks from which your pots and pans will be suspended. The J-hooks will be provided with the purchase of The Pot Rack. Once used, no chef, cook or homemakers will want to be without this product ever again.

The Patent Pending Pot Rack was invented by Errol Knight, of Brooklyn, NY who said,“my Pot Rack is designed to provide both home and professional cooks an easy and effective means of having free space in cabinets and under your stove. It will also offer easy access to needed supplies.”

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