The MaxVal Group and George Mason University Partner for Patent Litigation Research

MaxVal's Litigation Databank to be used by GMU's Center for Study of Public Choice

​The MaxVal Group today announces that it is providing detailed case level data from its Patent Litigation Databank to George Mason University’s Center for Study of Public Choice. MaxVal’s comprehensive database contains over 46,000 patent litigation cases from the US District Court, International Trade Commission and US Court of Appeals.  The Center for Study of Public Choice will use the data in its research on the relationship between Patents and Innovation. 

According to Alex Tabarrok, Director for the Center of Study for Public Choice, “We are researching the relationship between patents and innovation.  The large volume of patent litigation that occurs in the United States is a critical factor for us to consider.  MaxVal’s patent litigation database contains all of the data we need, including plaintiffs, defendants, patents and case outcomes. We are pleased to be working with MaxVal.”

The MaxVal Group’s Founder and CEO Bommi Bommannan says “We are very happy to support George Mason University’s economic research.  We developed the Litigation Databank to provide current information on patent litigation cases, and a historical archive for researchers.  We are sure that Alex Tabarrok and his team will make some very interesting discoveries as he explores our data.”

Cases covered in the Litigation Databank

·         US District Court - Inter partes review

·         ITC – International Trade Commission

·         CAFC – Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit

·         Data for cases filed since 1980

Features & Benefits of the Litigation Databank

·         Daily Alerts and Watches on new and pending cases

·         Fully Searchable Database, including case outcomes

·         Complaints, docket reports, patent and product details, and patent file histories

For more information about MaxVal’s alert services and Litigation Databank, please visit or email

About The Center for Study of Public Choice

The Center for Study of Public Choice, based in Fairfax Virginia, is a unique research institution at George Mason University.  The Center provides a single location where eminent scholars conduct innovative research, publish their findings and conclusions in a variety of print and electronic media, and teach the science of public choice. 

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Founded in 2004 by a practicing patent attorney, MaxVal strives to create innovative tools and services to solve real-world patent problems encountered by our clients. It serves both in-house and outside counsel, as well as patent operations at both corporations and law firms. Currently, MaxVal has over 175 people including patent attorneys and agents, software developers, database experts, and paralegal and docketing professionals.

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