The Gastric Sleeve Surgery by Dr. Faustino Daniel Huacuz Guizar has Generated a Worldwide Movement in the Management of Obesity with Surgery!

The Gastric Sleeve Surgery has Positioned itself as the Gold Standard of Bariatric Surgeries!

The famous Gastric Bypass surgery has been pushed into second place and that is all due to the phenomenal results provided by the Gastric Sleeve surgery. The surgery has provided better short and long term results with a lower rate of complications. The very first Gastric Sleeve surgery was performed in the year 2003 in Mexico by Dr. Faustino Daniel Huacuz Guizar  , who became the first surgeon to ever perform the gastric sleeve surgery. He is the only one who has acquired the necessary training in order to perform the gastric sleeve surgical procedure and is a student of the creator of the laparoscopic surgical technique in Spain, Dr. Aniceto Baltazar.

We caught up with Dr. Faustino Daniel Huacuz Guizar  who delightedly exclaimed, “It has been quite some time since I performed the gastric sleeve surgery successfully for the very first time. But I have not rested on my laurels and have continuously looked to improve the surgical technique required in the procedure to come up with better results. This has resulted in many happy patients over the years who have successfully achieved weight loss through this procedure. The patients even have an affectionate nickname for me, they call me Dr. H. Ever since I performed my first surgery, I have been working hard to improve the quality of life and the health of all my patients and have therefore become the expert in performing gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico.”

Dr. Huacuz is indeed the highest rated surgeon currently offering the gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico, and has been performing the surgery with the highest standard of quality to this date. The one thing that sets him apart from all the rest is that he takes extra care of his patients and ensures that everything that he uses are of top quality, which includes the medical equipment, medical and physical spaces as well as the operating rooms. It has been suggested by many in the field of science that the phenomenal results achieved by Dr. Huacuz are related to his relationship with the patients which has resulted in a less stressful and more enjoyable environment for those undergoing the surgery. Therefore, the patients are more relaxed and have complete faith in the skills of Dr. Huacuz when it comes to the gastric sleeve surgery.

“Most of the time, the patients that come to me for the gastric sleeve surgery have little idea about the procedure as it is only something that they have heard from someone. Therefore, I have to explain the whole procedure to them from scratch, as this allows them to acknowledge my skills and eases any concerns that they may have. The procedure involves removing 80% of the stomach, and the surgery usually lasts for an hour with a hospital stay of 2 days and full recovery expected in 10 days. It is a relatively safe procedure and provides better results than any other weight loss procedure. I would definitely recommend the following people to undergo the gastric sleeve obesity surgery: Patients with a BMI higher than 35, type 2 diabetes patients, hypertensive patients and patients with cholesterol problems or sleep apnea.”

The gastric sleeve surgery has positioned itself as the gold standard of Bariatric Surgeries, so contact the expert Dr. F. Daniel Huacuz Guizar today.

About Dr. F. Daniel Guizar Huacuz

The VSG was first performed in Mexico in 2003 and Dr. Faustino Daniel Huacuz was the first surgeon to perform the surgery in the country laparoscopically and the only one with the required training for its realization by being a disciple of Dr. Aniceto Baltazar, the creator of the laparoscopic surgical technique in Spain.

Dr. Faustino Daniel Huacuz Guizar , during all these years, has been performing this gastric sleeve surgery with great success by continuously improving everyday surgical techniques, which are reflected in the success of weight loss achieved by patients.


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