The Best Defence Announces Updated Mobile Friendly Website

The Best Defence Website Has Been Redesigned for Mobile Users for Mobile Friendly Browsing

Dedicated to criminal defence in the Greater Toronto Area, The Best Defence, Jeff Hershberg’s official website, is pleased to announce that the website has been recently updated to incorporate mobile friendly web browsing capabilities. This update means mobile users are able to access website content which complies with the recent updates to Google’s standards for mobile friendly websites.

The validation from Google as being a mobile friendly site shows the continued commitment to excellence Mr. Hershberg provides his clients through The Best Defence website. The law firm provides a wide range of criminal defence services to people charged with a criminal offence in the Greater Toronto Area. Among the most popular of the law firm’s criminal defence services are its ability to represent clients in high profile cases for those charged with drug offences, homicide offences, and weapon offences. In addition, the law firm provides legal representation for numerous other criminal offences, as well as youth offences and bail hearings. 

The Best Defence is one of the few criminal defence websites that provide access for mobile device users. According to Mr. Hershberg, “People searching for a Toronto criminal defence lawyer are often doing so on the behalf of someone else while sitting in the police station.” It is essential for someone arrested and charged with a criminal offence to seek legal representation immediately to protect their rights. Far too often, those arrested and charged have no idea the implications it can have on their case if they openly speak to law enforcement officers or the Crown’s prosecuting lawyers without their own criminal defence lawyer present.

Besides updating The Best Defence to be mobile user friendly, site visitors now have the option to contact Mr. Hershberg directly through the website to book a complimentary case evaluation. This feature may also be used to ask questions about criminal law or by existing clients, who have questions about their case that are not urgent.

Mr. Hershberg practices criminal defence throughout Ontario and does travel outside of the GTA for his clients. Additionally, he has represented clients from all backgrounds, including the upper class to people, who cannot afford to retain the services of a criminal defence lawyer on their own. Jeff Hershberg is one of the few high profile criminal defence lawyers in Toronto to accept Legal Aid for the majority of his cases.

For more information about Jeff Hershberg and the criminal defence lawyer’s services, please visit his official website at today or contact the law firm directly by calling 416-428-7360 to schedule a complimentary case evaluation appointment.

About The Best Defence

The Best Defence is the official website of Toronto criminal defence lawyer, Jeff Hershberg. Mr. Hershberg started the website as a means to make it easier for his clients to reach him through the website and learn more about the criminal law offences he defends. Mr. Hershberg received his Bachelor of Art’s from York University, with honours and his law degree from the University of Windsor. Mr. Hershberg is a partner at the well-known Rusonik, O’Connor, Robbins, Ross, Gorham and Angelini Law Firm, one of the largest criminal defence firms in Canada.


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