Textile Apparel Displays Fun Tattoo Art Without Needles and Pain

The Tat-Tease is for all ages and genders. It truly is a tease because it is tattoo art without the pain, maintenance or permanence of an actual tattoo.

Some people appreciate tattoo art, but are too young or don't want to actually go through the pain, maintenance or permanence of actually getting inked. The Tat-Tease line of garments and wearable accessories can turn the body into a work of art in seconds. Ideal for wear for all walks of life, the artistically rendered tattoo patterns are for everybody who want to show off an independent spirit or for someone who wants to “try on their tattoo before buying it”.

Extending far beyond t-shirts, the Tat-Tease includes sheer tops, sleeves, knee-high hosiery, and pantyhose with renderings more realistic and visually appealing than those currently offered. Manufactured in the United States of 100% nylon, the Tat-Tease line is comfortable, custom-fit wear for any size, including children and pets.

The Patent Pending Tat-Tease was invented by Dennis Scheidemantle of Levittown, PA, who said, “All are American tatoos. Sheer, tight shirts can be created to show off a variety of tats surrounding the upper back, shoulder, and chest and stomach. Sheer patterned arm coverings can have various popular tatoos to simulate the eye-popping tattooed sleeve look. Sheer hose can be screen-printed or appliqued with any number of designs. Whether one wants full sleeve tattoos or simple arm décor, there is sure to be a Tat-Tease piece to please. One could sport a different tattoo design every day of the week, versatility not possible with standard tattooing.”

"The real key to the Tat-Tease is the consumer's ability to try it on before buying it. The artistically rendered patterns work on seer tops, sleeves, hosiery and more."

Dennis Scheidemantle, Inventor

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