Technology Company Offers Students of Montgomery County Public Schools Free Math Refresh Prior to State Test

AT&LT Founder Aims to Improve Math Performance With Serious Gaming Software

Reacting to recent news concerning low math performance on mid-year algebra exams, Advanced Training & Learning Technology LLC’s (AT&LT) Founder and CEO, Edward Harvey has offered each parent with a student at Montgomery County Maryland’s Public High Schools with free use of an algebra readiness program designed to time-efficiently identify a student's math skill deficiencies and immediately provide remediation for those deficiencies. “It's up to the parents to have their students use the program,” said Ed Harvey.  “High school students should take responsibility for their education by devoting a relatively small amount of time to refresh the math skills they previously learned in middle school on which their success in Algebra 1 and higher level math courses is so dependent. Also, parents should encourage their students to complete the program curriculum given the importance of a solid math foundation for reducing the cost and time it takes to graduate from college.”

Ed Harvey helped pioneer the advanced training system technologies and techniques being used by the U.S. military. Based on his successes developing military training systems, Mr. Harvey established AT&LT to address the student proficiency gaps in the civilian education market by creating a 3D adventure style video game that covers a comprehensive curriculum of 130 arithmetic and algebraic math skills students must master to successfully complete algebra and higher level math courses.

“I am committed to helping students achieve their educational objectives and increase success levels from our school systems. AT&LT’s 3D game, Pi and the Lost Function, covers the math skills to do well on important math exams including end-of-course exams and college math placement exams.”

AT&LT’s algebra readiness program is available for free to parents with students who attend a Montgomery County, MD high school who would like for their students to prepare for upcoming end-of-year math exams at:

About Advanced Training & Learning Technology

AT&LT is committed to developing advanced teaching tools and programs that can be used to detect and automatically remediate foundational skill deficiencies for middle school, high school, and college students to refresh their math skills before they start their next math course or to prepare for an important math exam. AT&LT optimizes its learning platform tools to develop educational programs, including serious games, through use of intelligent tutoring agent technology utilized in previous Department of Defense work.


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