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Global Discount Drugs offers customers FULL a 11% OFF all through the Holiday Season on purchases above $50. The offer will run through 5th January, 2015. The online drugstore takes the business of selling legal drugs online very seriously.

Many Americans without Health Insurance depend on online drugstores to live a healthy life, without running through their savings too quickly. Customers can buy any product ranging from over- the- counter to prescription drugs, herbal preparations, and more. At GlobalDiscountDrugs.com, old & new customers save more than they would when they buy OTC or prescription drugs through the Holiday offer. The online pharmacy has a reputation of offering innovative deals & discounts designed for customers to keep to their drug & treatment schedules.
Mr Mathew Bruce, CEO, observed, “The Holiday Season brings family & friends together to create happy memories. But statistics show that the largest number of illnesses & relapses for pre-existing medical conditions are reported during the holiday season, as patients neglect to fill out their prescriptions since they would need to spend on gifts & other holiday expenses.”
The traditional Holiday Sale runs from 1st December 2014 through 5th January 2015. A crucial time when many Americans need to refill their prescriptions or buy hangover cures. The FULL 10% Discount offer extends to both new and existing customers on a purchase of $50 and above. Patients and care- takers find that buying generic prescription & OTC drugs cuts rising medical expenses into almost half.
The National Community Pharmacists Association found that many patients neglected to fill essential or life- saving prescriptions because of rising prices. “Americans are among  those who pay the highest prices world-wide for prescription drugs. Generic drugs help make medications affordable for everyone who relies on prescriptions to manage their health needs.”
Mathew Bruce advices, “Take advantage of all the deals & discounts GlobalDiscountDrugs.com offers throughout the holidays. They give you an extra edge to cope with seasonal expenses.” He also reassures, “All generic drugs sold by GlobalDiscountDrugs.com are rigorously reviewed quality, safety, and efficacy. We do not sell any drug that doesn’t pass the guidelines set down by our Food & Drug Authorities.”
Generic drugs from www.globaldiscountdrugs.com aren’t only cheaper than their branded counterparts, they are bio-equivalent- the generic drugs deliver the equal amount of its active ingredient in the equal amount of time as the branded drug. Bioequivalence proves that the original & generic drugs will produce the same therapeutic results when administered in the same dosage form, route of administration, strength, and conditions of use as the approved brand-name product.
Customer satisfaction is the key motivator for www.globaldiscountdrugs.com and strives to pass on the benefits of low- cost generic drugs to its customers at every opportunity. With stringent security & bio-medical checks in place, the online drugstore cooperates with the Food & Drug Authorities to ensure that all regulatory safety standards are in place.
Shop for much needed OTC & prescription drugs through 5th Jan, 2015 at www.globaldiscountdrugs.com for a minimum purchase of $50 & get a FULL  11% OFF site- wide.

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