Sustain:Green Loves MyMilkCrate Sustainability App

Partners Support A Sustainable Community To Fight Global Climate Change

Sustain:Green has partnered with over 1,000 sustainable businesses on MilkCrate, the go-to, sustainability app. We fell in love simply because their vison is like ours—to see a world where everyone is empowered to make sustainable choices. Like Sustain:Green’s eco-friendly MasterCard®, the MilkCrate app strives to make the best possible way to improve your social and environmental impact through everyday choices.

MilkCrate users are able to search for nearby businesses in a list or map format. MilkCrate brings together the local food scene, producers of naturally made products, and environmentally friendly service providers into one marketplace.

Visit  and download Ver. 2.0. From credit cards, to coffee shops to renewable energy suppliers, the app helps bring easy, sustainable living to your fingertips.  

Hey, Where Did You Get The Name?

My “MilkCrate” comes from the practice of thrifty urban dwellers attaching milk crates to their bikes. This creative solution symbolizes what the app is all about: repurposing, urban living, and ingenuity. Think of the app as a container for your sustainable urban lifestyle.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Sustain:Green members receive a personalized carbon footprint calculator, and can challenge others to reduce theirs.

About Sustain:Green                                          

Sustain:Green is a provider of unique credit cards, supported by MasterCard® and issued by Commerce Bank, that offer carbon reduction rewards with every swipe. The founders of Sustain:Green combined their backgrounds in finance, green technology and carbon markets, with their passion for sustainable living, to create a financial services product with social value. Every time the biodegradable cards are used, a concrete contribution to the fight against climate change is made through carbon offsets and funding for reforestation projects. Sustain:Green partners with leading environmental organizations and financial institutions, such as the American Carbon Registry, who share in their vision of a healthier planet. Learn more by visiting or

ABOUT MY MilkCrate

My MilkCrate is an innovative lifestyle tool that engages and rewards people for living more sustainably. We do this through strategic partnerships with well-respected nonprofits, enabling My MilkCrate users to support local businesses and learn about sustainability efforts in their community.

Learn more by visiting:  or the Apple or Android online stores. 


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Sustain:Green is a provider of eco-friendly credit cards, supported by MasterCard and issued by Commerce Bank, that offer carbon reduction rewards with every swipe.
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