Supporter of Community Wellness, Dr. Roles, Moves for Spinal Screenings for All

Elite doctor of chiropractic, Dr. Craig Roles, of Green Valley Chiropractic & Wellness Center in Henderson, Nevada offers complimentary chiropractic consultations to first-time patients as a way of promoting overall public health in Henderson.

Green Valley in Henderson and its practice lead, Craig Roles, DC, are taking a major stand against pain, health concerns, and barriers to wellness in Henderson. Dr. Roles is vehemently concerned at the state of American spines in 2014. The problems are obvious – poor posture due to technology reliance, desk jobs, and being overworked. Dr. Roles asserts that the problem begins with too shallow a focus on spinal health. While so  much is being done to train children and adults to take care of their teeth, their diet, their skin – spinal wellness is neglected, widely.

Dr. Roles shares that the unfortunate decline of our spines is nearly inevitable with the lack of balance in modern lifestyles. Our spines are often kept bent for so long or held in one fixed position. There is a paradox in society where, seemingly, half of us are overworking our bodies with excessive lifting and manual labor, while the other half of us are chained to desks, underusing our bodies. From either of these extremes can sprout a variety of spinal woes such as subluxation, misalignment, and more. These issues will trigger nerve dysfunction and pain plus side effects in other parts of the body. People with poor spinal health suffer insomnia, asthma, headaches and more.  

To combat this issue, Dr. Roles proposes that all Henderson locals become aware of the condition of their spines. This begins with spinal screenings and chiropractic consultation. Spinal alignment can be evaluated and from there, treatment or lifestyle changes can be induced. Dr. Roles warns that while those who suffer chronic pain may eventually be motivated to visit an expert, early detection is key. Also, misalignment can begin its destruction before symptoms are notable for some patients. It is best to be checked out before damage begins. Dr. Roles prides himself on a preventative approach, where cure is a last resort.

To encourage new patients to come in and see the benefits of spinal screenings, Dr. Roles is offering them complimentarily.


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