Strong Thrive Events, Inc. Presence at Regional Conference

High achievers from Thrive Events, Inc. just returned from a convention in California, where they shared best practices with industry leaders. The firm's president discussed the benefits of attending such events.

A select group of professionals representing Thrive Events, Inc. returned recently from a regional conference in California. Said  the firm’s president, “Educational retreats such as this are excellent opportunities for our leading producers to get around the best and brightest marketers in the Southwest. We learn about what’s working with other offices, and share the strategies that have been getting results for us as well."

The Thrive Events, Inc. team was well represented at this weekend event. “We took 14 associates to this conference! That’s a huge group, and testament to the hard work and dedication that our team shows in everything they do. I’m very proud of all that they accomplished to get to this conference, and I’m excited to see what they do next.”

Thrive Events, Inc.s President Discusses Benefits of and Strategies for Convention Attendance

While she was honored and excited to bring 14 of her people from Thrive Events, Inc. to a regional conference, such an effort is a big outlay of both time and resources. “Any sort of travel opportunity is an investment, especially one with this many people. I feel confident that it’s worthwhile though, for a few different reasons.”

One contributing factor for her was the sense of urgency that being chosen for such conferences provides. These events are invitation only, so those who wish to go are motivated to set and accomplish ambitious goals in order to attend.

Another compelling benefit comes from the sense of community that high achievers gain from attending events with their peers. “There is an old proverb that says iron sharpens iron, and I take that to mean when determined, intelligent people find themselves with other determined, intelligent people, everyone profits,” she said.

To realize these advantages, she makes sure she and her team follow some simple guidelines. For example, she ensures that everyone is prepared in advance by knowing the schedule for the weekend, which speakers they want to hear, and what questions to ask other attendees. “Networking is a vital skill to have for professionals, and preparation makes it so much easier to make meaningful connections with the right people,” she added.

Another strategy includes staying at the host hotel. “It’s tempting to try and save a few dollars on a less expensive hotel a few blocks away, but I feel there is an opportunity cost that outweighs the financial concern,” the president concluded. You have to wake up earlier, figure out how to get from one place to the other, and you might miss a chance for an impromptu early-morning or late-night breakout session. These are pretty basic suggestions, but they work.”

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Thrive Events, Inc. is a goal-oriented provider of dynamic promotions that are tailored for the modern marketplace. Through cutting-edge research techniques and competitive creativity, their executives deliver unconventional, flawlessly-executed promotions that generate rapid, measurable results. The firm has built a reputation as a respected promotional leader by delivering high-value returns for clients of all sizes from varying industries. A commitment to core values has separated them from the competition, and they continue to help their clients expand their market influence through inspired and imaginative initiatives. Thrive Events, Inc. is poised for expansion and looks boldly toward a bright future fueled by innovation.

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