Spectrum Intervention Group Initiates Treatment Solutions to the Families Affected By Autism

Spectrum Intervention Group provides effective, individualized treatment programs for those with autism spectrum disorder. Its experienced staff offers extensive range of applied behavior analysis training options for families affected by autism.

Spectrum is a non-profit centre, which help parents and caregivers of children with ASD learn about effective intervention solutions, strategic methods to deal with challenging behaviors and techniques to acquire funding through Ministry of Child and Youth Services (MCYS) for autism treatment.

“We are always eager to bring helpful resources to the many families in Ontario that are in need of effective treatment solutions," said Lynne Thibodeau, the founder of Spectrum. He also added that “our various social and leisure skills programs provide parents and caregivers access to the information that will help individuals with autism reach their fullest potential.”

ABA is the only scientifically proven treatment for ASD, and research shows that it is most effective when delivered early and at a high level of intensity. According to the survey conducted by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one in every 68 children in Canada is diagnosed with ASD, making it more rampant than juvenile diabetes, pediatric cancer, and pediatrics AIDS combined.

Spectrum treats individuals with ASD using the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA), which is provisionally proven to be the most effective method for treating individuals with ASD and recommended by Autism Society of Canada.

Spectrum provides it attendees an alternative techniques  for purpose of learning effective, individualized treatment programs for individuals with ASD .These programs maximize skill acquisition and minimize challenging behaviors, with a focus on providing valuable strategies that can be applied in real-life situations. It also provides free consultation to the parents of autistic children in identifying priorities and relevant goals. Treatment at this centre is delivered both in 1:1 and small group format under the supervision of experienced clinical staff and Board Certified Behaviour Analysts.

It functions as its own separate entity, utilizing the skills of extensive qualified BCBA supervisors to create diverse training programs. It is governed by a Board of Directors involving parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, experienced practitioners in the field, as well as business people. This centre also offers several unique programs such as Leisure Quest program, inclusion and transition program, social skills and leisure programs and many more.


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