Southern Nevada Flu Vaccination Clinics Open October 6th

The Southern Nevada Health District will begin opening clinics for flu vaccinations on October 6th.

As of October 6th, residents of Southern Nevada will be able to visit health clinics across the valley for flu vaccines.  

Medical professionals report that flu season begins around October and can last through early spring. For this reason, officials from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) state that the best time to recieve the flu vaccination is in early October. That is because it can take up to two weeks for the medications to take effect.

According to Brian Labus with the Sounthern Nevada Health District, "The FDA recently expanded the age range of people who can get the flu mist vaccine." Now, children as young as six months are permitted to receive vaccinations.   It is recommended that parents with children younger than six months exercise caution to protect infants during flu season.

The CDC now also suggests that children ages 2 through 8 years old get the nasal flu vaccination instead of the standard vaccination.

Recent studies have shown that the nasal vaccine is most effective in children of these ages. The CDC also explained that if the child's primary care physician does not have the nasal flu vaccination, children should still receive the standard shot.

During the height of flu season, babies and the elderly are most at risk. The flu virus is very contagious and the weaker immune systems in people of these ages are less able to fight off invasions.

At the end of the day, there is no way to know how severely this illness can affect a person. Even with years of research, many people end up hospitalized from it. The most simple defense is vaccination.

For more information about this flu vaccination, contact Las Vegas Urgent Care at 702.852.2000. Visit the website at or in-person at 2901 N. Tenaya Way, Suite #210, Las Vegas, NV 89128.


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