SmartEdTech Launches Training for Special Education Professionals

SmartEdTech, a company dedicated to transforming special education, launches SmartEdTechU, an online training site for educators and special ed therapists.

SmartEdTech, a company dedicated to transforming special education, launches SmartEdTechU, an online training site for educators and special ed therapists, this week. The Website hosts courses in how to use the company’s software, as well as how to change settings on an iPad or Android tablet to make learning more accessible for special needs students.

“The SmartEdTech software tracks progress when students are using learning activities housed on the tablet, and enables educators to communicate and collaborate through a cloud-based customer portal,”explains Abey Mukkananchery, product specialist for SmartEdTech.  “We are providing easy access to training for our customers.”  Users can learn at their convenience, review videos to be sure they ‘get it’, and check their understanding with self-testing. The company also offers certification for completion of the training.

SmartEdTechU is not limited to the company’s software users. “Many education professionals are frustrated because they want to use their tablets more efficiently with their students,” continued Sami Rahman,  CEO of the company and the instructor in the accessibility videos. “By changing the tablet’s settings, a  specialist can make learning easier for students with vision, hearing or physical impairments. Our videos help the the educator help the students!”

The courses are offered at no charge, and the company intends to add new courses regularly. To see their current offering, go to

SmartEdTech is a rebranding of the parent company SPEDK12, founded in 2012 to serve Special Education providers. Downloaded to tablets, the SmartEdApp (iOS) and the SmartEdPad (Android) provide a library of educator-selected activities for individualized student learning. The software tracks student progress, allows for sharing goals and results with an entire IEP team, and integrates with the school’s existing technologies.

SPEDK12, located in Sunnyvale, California, focuses on innovative solutions for the needs and concerns of Special Ed providers including teachers, administrators, therapists and parents. The company pioneered the use of software-based technology housed on an Android tablet that is used by hundreds of specialists in the US. Under the banner of SmartEdTech, similar technology has been developed for use on iOS tablets.

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