Sidora Marketing Established for Mobile Game Developers to Enter Japan

Sidora Marketing Ltd. Oy announced its establishment in Jyväskylä, Finland, to provide low-cost and low-risk marketing services for mobile game developers to promote their app products in Japanese market.

Sidora Marketing has abundant knowledge and experience in Japanese language, culture and mobile game market. The low-cost and low-risk features of Sidora Marketing’s services could help those excellent mobile game developers who have very limited marketing budget,” said Ken Cheng, Sidora Marketing’s CEO. “We believe we can open a door for many oversea mobile game developers to enter Japan.”

Sidora Marketing provides specialized Enlglish-Japanese translation service for in-app texts and marketing materials. Due to the unique feature of Japanese language and culture, English-Japanese translation could be considered more as an art of re-creation, but not just language translation. Sidora Marketing provides a creative way to bring oversea mobile games much closer to Japanese players. Besides, Sidora Marketing has its own connections to several major Japanese game-related media, including a game-specialized website called SQOOL.NET, and Japanese advertisement agencies, which offers channels to deliver information for maximizing market exposure. As a company providing total marketing solution service, Sidora Marketing doesn’t tend to provide specific services, but aims to provide a fully cared marketing path that covers important factors ranging from language, culture to information channels and monetization.

Sidora Marketing charges for the effectiveness of its services in principle except optional services, which provides game developers a relatively low-cost, low-risk and comfortable way to do marketing for their products in Japan.

Japan has become the biggest market in the world for mobile games in 2014, followed by USA, South Korea, China and UK, according to the investigation of App Annie Intelligence. Although the total download number of Japan only ranked the seventh globally, the revenue of each download in Japan is much higher than any other markets. Our Mobile Planet, a free service provided by Google, stated that Japanese users paid for 17.5 apps in average in 2013, which is much higher than 7.5 apps in USA and 8.4 apps in UK. By cooperating with Sidora Marketing, even small-scale mobile game developers can have a great chance to enter the biggest mobile game market in the world.

Through its marketing service business, Sidora Marketing aims to lower intercultural barrier and bring value from intercultural communication to people.​

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