Releases a Public Records App for Smartphones and Tablets releases a public records app called "Search Quarry Tool Box". This app can be used to lookup public records, find government agencies nationwide and download public record request forms.

Whether a person is looking for a specific idea of someone's character or looking to find a criminal record that uncovers someone’s background, the new app from might be the right choice. It was released this year, and already has great customer feedback.

The customer reviews on the Search Quarry Tool Box are giving this app glowing reviews. One reviewer mentioned that it’s shocking what information they found!

Among the records available to search through on this free app are criminal records, court records, arrest records, civil records and driving records. Currently Search Quarry can index over 2 billion records in just moments and more features are consistently being added.

Other features that have made the app incredibly successful since its release are instructions on how to accurately look up public records.  The app also offers a multitude of free tools that can lookup government agencies such as; DMVs, Courthouses, Prison Facilities, Inmates, Driver Forms and more. There are also informative and engaging videos on how to look up public records and scenarios a person might run into during this process.

While many of the features are free for everyone to use, there is a premium membership area. The premium membership gives  access to the full gambit of public records and unlimited background searches on anyone. Member’s can lookup; addresses, phone numbers, background checks, criminal records, arrest records, prison & jail records, marriage and divorce records, birth and death records and so much more. is currently offering a 5 day trial for $3 to test drive the premium membership service.

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View Website or Newsroom is a United States public record retrieval service. We have free resource tools and a premium membership area where member's have unlimited access to public records searches.

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