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Growth is imperative to the survival of a business. However, this growth is incomplete without the contribution towards the betterment of the society.

Growth is imperative to the survival of a business. However, this growth is incomplete without the contribution towards the betterment of the society. Any business requires the support of society in order to go ahead. Therefore, a default responsibility of the business or the brand is to give back to the society. At Symbiosis Center for Information and Technology, the inherent trait is to teach students the importance of social responsibility from the beginning itself. 

SCIT: Epitome of education

When a student enrols himself for a course at Symbiosis Center for Information Technology, he or she is assured of a holistic training module. This in turn includes the education as well as the industry interface. However, here the focus in on preparing the students to evolve into thorough professionals. This takes time as well as effort which very few institutions like Symbiosis Center for Information Technology are willing to offer. 

At SCIT, the preparation starts with employing the finest of academicians from all over the country. Some of these educationists are seasoned professionals well versed with the ups and downs of the industry scenario. This further benefits the students by giving them a chance to learn from people who have actually been a part of the industry. The first hand insights are expected to give the students a better idea about the way of working that the industry follows. 

Additionally, students are given access to the best in class infrastructure that helps them learn more and do better. From a well equipped library to easily accessible faculty and curriculum based on real life cases, SCIT endeavours to excel in terms of providing the best possible training to its students. 

Industry interface

Training is not complete without learning how the industry works and sadly no amount of classroom training can work when it comes to learning about the industry. SCIT understands this and has accordingly customized its training module as well. For students at SCIT, a compulsory part of their two year MBA program is to learn the way the industry works. This is done by including compulsory industry internships as part of their training. For students who can manage the internship on their own, well and good. But for the many others who are still a little confused, SCIT ensures that the queries are addressed and helps them solicit the best of internship opportunities through its contacts. 

Placement assistance

Most B schools consider it the end of their responsibility as soon as the program is completed. However, SCIT provides complete placement assistance. At the end of the program, the institute organises placement program wherein the creme de la creme of the industry crowd is invited to recruit the students from SCIT. This helps the students.


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