Sakwiba Sikota Loots Portland Cement Zambia After The Ventriglias

The Ventriglias family are offering free supply of cement to Sakwimba Sikota to build his mansion because he has been loyal and helped the 'Italian Mafiaes' to get Dr. Rajan Mahtani arrested.

After the Ventriglias, Sakwiba Sikota is looting the factory by way of using the output for his own mansion without incurring a penny from his pocket. The minority shareholders of the factory, the Ventriglia family are offering free supply of cement to Sakwimba Sikota to build his mansion because he has remained loyal to them and had helped the ‘Italian Mafiaes’ to get Dr. Rajan Mahtani arrested.

The construction of the mansion, which is situated close to the University of Zambia had started in 2011-12, however, with the deportation of the Ventriglias in 2012, the construction was stopped as there was no free supply from the end of the Finsbury Investments.

After the return of the Ventriglias, the free supply of cement resumed and finally, the whole mansion is ready with free cement from Portland Cement Zambia. This is an exclusive instance of loot which was planned by the conspirators and ensured that Dr. Mahtani remained out of the context.

A source stated that the Ventriglia family are working in a partnership with Sikota and Rupiah Banda so that they can use the power of money to influence the political leaders and get their job done.

About: Portland Cement Zambia


The Portland Cement Zambia is an integral part of Ndola and Africa as it is one of the most productive units. The owner of the factory is the Finsbury Investments with a stake 58% stake, whereas the minority shareholders are the Ventriglia family with a stake of 42%. In April 2015, the minority shareholders took control over the factory and since then, they have been looting the cash box. 


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