Roman Ecological Cement Products Pvt. Ltd. Ties Up With Larsen & Toubro

The company has recently tied-up with L&T to supply fly-ash, produced as waste product in Nabha power plant, to Roman Ecological Cement Products Pvt. Ltd. to assist in manufacturing of the cementitious additives. The cement binder as produced by the company is Eco-friendly and much stronger than OPC and uses industrial waste products as raw materials thus saving from landfills.

In a recent event Roman Ecological Cement Products Pvt. Ltd. ties up with an Indian multinational conglomerate Larsen & Toubro (L&T) for providing fly ash to the company to assist manufacturing of Roman Cement Products. The L&T’s Nabha Power plant burns varied kinds of fossil fuels which produces a total capacity of 250 Lakh tones of fly-ash every year which will now be used by Roman Ecological cement products Pvt. Ltd. to manufactures cementitious additives. The agreement was signed with the company on 23rd of April 2015 for a period of 24 years.

Roman Cement Products are cementitious additives that make up to 15 to 75% of the OPC. Providing more strength and ductility to the cement and making it more sustainable. The company uses this fly-ash, which would other be responsible for landfills, in a unique combination of hydration and pozzolanic reactions acting as the main mechanism for hardening and strengthening the Roman Ecological Cement Based products.

Roman Cement is a revolutionary initiative taken by Mr. Himanshu Verma the Founder and Managing Director of the company. The company, in collaboration with Reco Cement Products of United States will be manufacturing Carbon dioxide free cementitious additives which are made from recycled products and are especially composed to enhance strength and workability of fresh concrete.

The company is set to bring to you their first produce in a few months from now. The company holds patents to the technology and is dedicated to change the way we produce cement till now.

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