Robert McArtor, First Real Estate Agent to Receive FAA Exemption to Use a Drone in Maryland

Robert McArtor, Team Leader of Maryland Homes Team, Inc. with RE/MAX Components becomes the first Real Estate Agent in Maryland to receive an Exemption under Section 333 of the Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 with the FAA allowing him to use a UAV or DRONE to capture Videos and Photos of properties he sells and markets.

On May 17, 2015, Robert B. McArtor, Team Leader of Maryland Homes Team, Inc. with RE/MAX Components received thumbs up from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to begin legally flying his Drone over the skies of Maryland to capture videos to market homes he is selling.  "I have long awaited the FAA's permission to do this. I produced evidence of our work and they were impressed with my abilities not only of capturing beautiful images....but of my attention to safety," says Robert.  

Robert’s aerial and cinema video tours of his properties have set him apart in an industry that has eagerly waited in anticipation for new marketing ideas. He has been able to capitalize his efforts with complimentary tours linked directly to his homes on the Multiple List System and his YouTube channel.  This allows his videos to be syndicated worldwide to over 4,000 websites such as Zillow,, just to name a few.  The FAA recognized his efforts and talent with a quick decision after reviewing his 30 page petition.

"One of my mission statements to the public has always been:To serve our clients and the community by operating a UAS (drone) in a safe and professional manner to record video and take photographs of real estate for the purpose of selling properties, enhancing advertising campaigns, and producing marketing materials."

Robert has logged almost 100 hours of flight time with three drones and several years of experience under his belt.  "I knew the industry was heading in this direction so I wanted to be the first out of the gate.  I purchased a small quadcopter and started practicing flying in circles at the ball fields. Now my videos speak for themselves.  I have a separate website hosting them for Buyers to see"

"My team is fully involved in the process from start to finish. Whether it is listing homes, working with Buyers, marketing, editing, photography. We each play a significant role in our clients’ needs," Robert says.

Robert is very aware of the FAA's requirements when it comes to safety and preparing a pre-flight list before each flight. The FAA provides an exemption number to each company or individual receiving an exemption. Robert's exemption is number 12365 Regulatory Docket Number FAA-2015-0212.

For more information please contact Robert McArtor through his website at or

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