Riverpoint Management Emphasizes Quality Customer Service

The director of operations at Riverpoint Management highlighted the aspects of superior customer service. She also shared valuable consumer care tips.

“Top-quality customer service is a driving factor of success at Riverpoint Management – and the health of all other businesses depend on it as well,” said Kelly, the firm’s director of operations. “By listening to our customers, understanding their needs, and providing them with effective solutions, we earn their loyalty. It’s how we’ve built our reputation. We’ve become respected leaders in our field as a result.”

Kelly explained that her team members’ in-person interactions with customers are necessary. They’re particularly crucial in an era of rampant electronic communication. “Interacting directly with people, conversing not only with words but also with body language, goes a long way toward building relationships that last,” she stated. “It’s the best way to make sure others’ experiences with us are positive.”

Riverpoint Management’s Director Shares Insights Into Extraordinary Customer Care

"I'm happy to share some specifics on how we at Riverpoint Management achieve unbeatable results through exemplary service,"


Director of Operations

“I’m happy to share some specifics on how we at Riverpoint Management achieve unbeatable results through exemplary service,” Kelly continued. “For starters, my colleagues and I train our associates to be anticipatory in terms of buyer needs. It’s largely a matter of empathy. We put ourselves in others’ positions in order to discern their desires. Then we meet those demands before people even articulate them.”

According to Kelly, it’s also vital to make doing business with Riverpoint Management easy. The public craves convenience. As such, the team makes sure all relevant technologies are fully functioning and user-friendly. Associates also create messaging that is concise and pointed, reducing the likelihood of confusion.

The director indicated that it all boils down to customer-centric thinking, which leaders can weave directly into their company cultures. For instance, service goals should be incorporated into all strategic planning efforts. They should also be considered in ongoing training programs. Workers must have excellent presentation skills and be educated on market trends and any updates to a business’ infrastructure.

“Even things that don’t appear on the surface to be related to customer service eventually influence it,” Kelly noted. “Your company’s vacation policy doesn’t impact the public directly. However, team members who are rested and happy because they are encouraged to take time off are better positioned to provide quality care than anyone who is burned out and frazzled.”

“The bottom line is that we are honored to have so many loyal customers. We are committed to expressing our appreciation for them through outstanding service practices,” Kelly concluded.

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Riverpoint Management combines effective promotional strategy with impeccable delivery. Using interactive marketing, the firm helps its clients reach customers through initiatives that create measurable bottom line results. Every strategy is customized for the client to suit its objectives and the needs of its target consumer market. The end result is a promotion effort that creates strong mutually-beneficial bonds between clients and the prospective customers. Brand awareness increases by successfully entering new markets and strengthening position in current sectors, proving direct marketing methods are efficient and effective for small and large companies alike. 

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