Rentokil Initial Malaysia Combats Aedes Mosquito Through a Holistic Integrated Mosquito Management Programme

Up to 7th November 2015, dengue claimed a total of 283 deaths in Malaysia. This showed a significant growth of 73% compared to the same period last year! To combat this deadly threat, Rentokil Initial Malaysia launched their new holistic solution through a community event.

The World Health Organisation estimates that 50 to 100 million dengue infections occur yearly, causing 22,000 deaths, commonly among children. Malaysia’s health ministry also recorded 102,801 dengue cases with 283 deaths reported in Malaysia as of 7 November 2015. The numbers show a significant increase of 18% from 86,765 cases last year and a 73% surge from 164 deaths in the same period in 2014.
Rentokil Initial, as the pest control and hygiene services market leader in Malaysia, is determined to combat this pandemic through its prominent CSR programme ‘Community Oriented Health Education Programme’ (COHEP), prioritising dengue awareness with good hygiene practices. Thus, the organisation recently has launched a holistic approach to fight against the perilous Aedes mosquitoes.
This Integrated Mosquito Management (IMM) is a programme involving merely four (4) simple steps that can help fight against the Aedes mosquitoes at each life cycle:

  • Step 1: Elimination of Aedes mosquito breeding grounds
  • Step 2: Larvicide treatment to target on Aedes mosquito larvae
  • Step 3: Continuous thermal fogging treatment to target on adult Aedes mosquitoes
  • Step 4: The use of adult mosquito traps to further suppress the Aedes mosquito life cycle​​

Rentokil Initial Malaysia also strongly recommends the use of water-based thermal fogging that is more environmental friendly and safer, yet equally effective as diesel carrier, through this programme.

"We aim to educate the community and provide guidance in cultivating good hygiene habits for their wellbeing, by leveraging on our passion and technical expertise that enable us to do so through our programmes.” said Carol Lam, the Managing Director of Rentokil Initial Malaysia during the launch. 

IMM concurrently advocates the significance of a good partnership between the community and Rentokil Initial Malaysia in effort to combat this national threat. In tandem with this, the company has collaborated with ‘Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya’ (MPSJ) to organise the ‘Be an Aedes fighter’ event in Puchong Perdana to eliminate potential mosquito breeding areas and establish active community peer education on IMM.


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