Redefined Aesthetics with Center For Aesthetics

The leader in Aesthetic Medical Services at Idaho Falls, Center for Aesthetics, Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine provides the latest technologically advanced services to manage age related issues on the skin and face.

Center for Aesthetics is the leader in Ocuplastic surgery as well as total body non-surgical treatments in aesthetic medicine. Focusing on unparalleled levels of competency are Dr. Catherine Durboraw who is the fellowship trained ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgeon addressing innumerable issuesand Kierstin Nebekar providing aesthetic dermatology services. Surgical treatment is offered for problems of the eye lids with surgery, excess eye-lid skin and drooping eye-lids to malposition of the eyelids. Skin cancer affecting eye-lids and surrounding areas requiring complex reconstructive surgery is safe in her hands. The latest addition in their services is Cool Sculpting that began in 2013 and Ultherapy in 2014 to create a distinguished person while enhancing their confidence with the aid of modern technology.

Non-surgical services offered here are wide and varied and it comprise of Quick-fixes, that offers results for a limited period of time, like Botox, Neurotoxin injections and Dermal fillers. The Golden Wait a Whiles offered, that require a longer time and guarantee results include

•    The unique non-invasive lift of the skin and areas above the eyebrows as well as the neck and skin beneath the chin through Ultherapy
•    Unwanted fat cells are frozen through controlled means and removed without surgery thereby reducing downtime. This Cool Sculpting procedure is safe and the results are long-lasting.
•    Usage of personalized products of OBAGI for a healthier skin
•    Permanent hair removal system via Gentle Lease
•    Pelleve body treatment system to reduce wrinkles
•    Skin caring methods like cleansing, exfoliation, extraction and hydration by using a fusion of antioxidants peptides and hyaluronic acid for Hydrafacial
•    Cutera Photofacials

Center for Aesthetics is the successful chain of medical care the results ensured of which are commendable. The offices are located at Idaho Falls, Sun Valley, Jackson Hole and Scottsdaleand can be contacted via phone at 208-529-8232 or 800-575-8337 for an appointment. Ever ready to be of service and ensure positive results, they can be contacted for an appointment at The staff here will direct to the nearest office for the treatment procedures. Youthful looks without invasive surgeries, bright young-looking skin with minimal efforts and good-bye to wrinkles without any pain are indeed unique to this smart center that offers the best care.

The Center for Aesthetics Buyer Card helps save hundreds of dollars on make-up and skin care. Offering this card free, without any obligations, the registered patient gets 15% discount immediately on leading prescription skin care lines. Additional discounts are offered for existing patients based on the spending in previous years.

Part of two leading medical financing groups, Center for Aesthetics helps patients to make payment via Alphaeon Credit or Care Credit. After the treatments, patients are requested to follow the pre and post treatment guidelines. Before contacting the team for an appointment, the clients are requested to check their Website to know more about the treatments offered and care to be taken.
Center For Aesthetics

2375 East Sunnyside, Suite G
Idaho Falls, Idaho 83404
Ph: 208-529-8232


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