Psychic Angela Thomas to Appear on Beyond Belief with George Noory

What she tells you about legitimate psychics vs scammers may shock you.

Affinity Entertainment Productions announced today that ANGELA THOMAS, a psychic, and the author of the upcoming book, Three Dimensional Tarot: The Art of Gathering Information, will appear on Gaiam TV’s, BEYOND BELIEF with George Noory in September 2014.

Television host, GEORGE NOORY, also famed for world-wide, syndicated radio show, Coast to Coast AM, interviews Angela Thomas about legitimate psychics vs scammers, as well as, her three dimensional tarot, a new methodology which allows one the ability to gather information such as geography, names and unique situations with ease.

As an advocate for the psychic services industry, Thomas has paired up with financial expert and Bold Ventures founder, Victoria Duff of, to help shape the standardization of the industry, and to bring awareness to the masses on techniques used by scammers who hide behind the labels of “psychic.”

"There are real psychics all over the world whose mission is to serve others, but there are many scammers, too, who are out there to only serve themselves," Thomas says when asked about the validity of psychics.

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“There are real psychics all over the world whose mission is to serve others, but there are many scammers, too, who are out there to only serve themselves,” Thomas says when asked about the validity of psychics. She goes onto say during her interview with George Noory that eighty-five to ninety percent of all so-called psychics are scammers. “That may seem like an unrealistic figure, but when we consider the ten to fifteen percent of the worldwide population of true psychics, then the percentages are not so skewed.”

Angela Thomas speaks of techniques such as cultivating fear and “cliff hangers” used by scammers to increase the probability of people coming back to opportunists, and other things to watch out for. “If a legitimate psychic isn’t getting any particulars on something, he or she will be honest and tell their clients that no information can be given; however, a scammer will make things up merely to have something to say.”

“I am known for my details,” Thomas states confidently regarding her own psychic sessions with others. Whether she uses three dimensional tarot or not when giving psychic predictions, it is the integrity of the information that is most important. “People seek psychics to give insights regarding certain situations. It is up to them [people] to take those insights and either plan for it, divert it, or do nothing at all. The ultimate outcome depends on a person’s own decision.”

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Angela Thomas is a professional psychic and clairvoyant, noted over her 20-year practice of high accuracy and detail. She is a subject-participant in an elite consciousness-research study focusing on precognition and has gained an enviable reputation for her psychic work in private sessions for individuals, business leaders and celebrities. Her work has also included crime victim location and recovery, and she is a vocal advocate for related causes.

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