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Proof Management's director of operations discussed the company's most recent philanthropic work at the local Gleaners Food Bank, and how such efforts facilitate team growth.

​Proof Management’s director of operations, Lindsay, explained that giving back to the community at the food bank was part of the team’s ongoing goals to support the local community and improve team building. “We went into this project with a goal to pack enough meals for 2000 families in one day, which I’m proud to say we accomplished,” said Lindsay. “However, the benefits of these activities go beyond one day’s work. These deeds allow us to build a better community and a stronger team, and improve our company culture.”

The company’s management promoted this event, and others like it, to nurture their philanthropic corporate culture. Team members not only give back to their community, but they also built a stronger group that works together more efficiently. “Through philanthropy, we bond with one another,” Lindsay said. “We improve the world around us and within the company so we can continue to grow as people and as part of this industry. Cultures like this attract other caring and hardworking people. It’s another way Proof Management goes on with the rest of the world.”

Proof Management’s Team Gives Back to Attract the Best New Talent

Taking part in this charity event was part of a larger objective: to grow in many directions. “By giving to our community, we stand out as leaders,” said Lindsay. “Among our other progressive goals, such as improving customer satisfaction and increasing revenues, we want to expand our team by appealing to the best of future recruits. The sort of people we want on our side are those who look for long-term careers with companies that do more than gain profits.”

Proof Management’s leadership created an intensive training system to incite a motivating and inspiring business environment. “We set examples for those training with us,” Lindsay said. “We do more than teach them how to perform their jobs. We also show them how they can use their positions to develop as people.”

“All in all,” Lindsay concluded, “we are committed to providing the best possible business not only to our customers, but also to our team members and community. We will continue participating in philanthropic teamwork, like that at the Gleaners Food Bank, to promote the best parts of our industry and ourselves. I’m confident it will ensure our success for years to come.”

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Proof Management is a high-performance interactive marketing firm dedicated to outstanding service. Their team of skilled and versatile branding specialists applies a dynamic promotions approach that ensures immediate impact and lasting connections between companies and customers. By combining precise planning with efficient implementation strategies, Proof Management drives brand growth while providing a high return on investment. The firm is a community-oriented organization that maintains a commitment to giving back. By participating in wide-ranging philanthropy initiatives, Proof Management supports the regions that have enabled their success.

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