Proof Management Shares Networking Best Practices

FARMINGTON HILLS, MI - Proof Management's director of operations discussed the impact of skilled networking on business, and provided several examples of networking best practices.

“Here at Proof Management, we’re always on the go,” said Lindsay, the firm’s director of operations. “It’s really exciting. Even better is the fact that every trip – whether it’s to a conference, business meeting, or retreat – offers networking possibilities.”

According to Lindsay, networking is an essential component of long-term business success. Every new professional connection has the potential to lead to countless opportunities. These include referrals, partnerships, coaches, guest blogging, and more. It’s also a great way to spread the word about Proof Management’s sales and marketing services.

“My colleagues and I recently returned from an industry-wide quarterly conference,” stated Lindsay. “We did some truly productive networking, and I want to ensure that our team members keep their skills in this area sharp. That’s why I’m placing more focus on networking in our ongoing training program.”

Leader of Proof Management Offers Effective Networking Techniques

“As Proof Management team members progress through the company training, they will now pick up some fresh networking tips,” Lindsay continued. “For example, we usually travel in groups to various events. While there are plenty of benefits to doing so, I encourage everyone to split up while networking. Not only will they cover more ground that way, but people who are a bit nervous won’t be able to hide behind more confident colleagues. When you’re on your own, you’re forced to sharpen your skills.”

When it’s time to approach someone while networking, Lindsay points out that getting started is as simple as saying hello with a smile. After a brief introduction it’s perfectly acceptable to turn to small talk. While it would be unfortunate to waste a whole conversation talking about current events and not about one another, it’s a great way to build a bit of rapport. The director notes that small compliments go a long way as well.

“To transition into a deeper, more meaningful conversation, I encourage my team members to ask their new contacts for advice,” indicated Lindsay. “Take what you know about someone and ask for relevant guidance. It’s a great way to make him or her feel good. You’ll be liked instantly! You might also mention the event at which you’re in attendance. Comment that there are a lot of great things happening there, and ask what the individual has enjoyed most.”

“Networking is a well-traveled road to opportunity and growth,” Lindsay concluded. “These are the things I want for my people and for this firm, which is why I’m so passionate about ensuring that they stay sharp when it comes to making business connections. They’re just as motivated to do great things, and it’s amazing to see them thrive.”

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Proof Management is a high-performance interactive marketing firm dedicated to outstanding service. Their team of skilled and versatile branding specialists applies a dynamic promotions approach that ensures immediate impact and lasting connections between companies and customers. By combining precise planning with efficient implementation strategies, Proof Management drives brand growth while providing a high return on investment. The firm is a community-oriented organization that maintains a commitment to giving back. By participating in wide-ranging philanthropy initiatives, Proof Management supports the regions that have enabled their success.

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