Private Condo Owners Target Philippines' New Hotel Visitor Market

Private condo owners step in where the Philippines hotel industry appears to be falling short of meeting the demands of today's new modern leisure travelers.

​After a 30 year decline in the tourism industry, the Philippine Tourism Department has been showing a recent dramatic rise due to their pushing of the clever media campaign “It’s More Fun in the Philippines”, With more people wanting to visit, only the large cities like Metro Manila are actually properly equipped with the infrastructure that Western tourists demand such as reliable transportation, international banking, constant police presence and large shopping districts.  Unfortunately these same large cities, such as Makati, have been catering to the business traveler due to their proximity to the Central Business District, which greatly differs from the style and needs of a leisure traveler.   Although very large, the local hotel industry appears to be falling short of meeting the demands of today’s new modern leisure travelers.   Leisure travelers differ from business travelers mainly due to their tighter budget, with more demands for easy access fitness facilities, pools, a “reliable” wifi signal, with an increasing focus on healthy eating and living. 

Locals and expatriate private condo owners alike have taken notice of the new needs of modern leisure travelers and adapted their units quickly to reach this growing customer base.  Private owners worked feverishly to remodel their properties, increase wifi signal strength and reliability, and outfit their units with modern furniture, amenities, and private kitchen facilities which are rarely found in a local hotel.  A good example is a recently renovated condo unit available along Makati Avenue.  This Makati 1-bedroom condo for rent features a queen sized bed, half bath, modern living room with a Platinum cable and entertainment package as well as both a cable and DSL modem for ensuring constant internet connectivity.  The kitchen amenities have drawn the most comments from recent guests as they are able to meet their healthy dining demands by using the units own full size refrigerator, microwave/convection oven, stove, and all the necessary equipment one would need to prepare private meals at home.  A small fitness center and two adjoining pools put the decision of where to recreate in the guests hands.  Having housekeepers stop by at the most inopportune times like in a busy hotel is not a problem as guests can personally vary their requirements with the owner.  Personal touches have been the key to success and the constant raving reviews and return customers seen throughout the past two years.

Meeting the new modern leisure traveler’s unique demands as well as having pocket-friendly rates has seen the private condo rental business on the rise.  While the large hoteliers often take several years to gain the firm’s approval for large investments to rebrand their businesses for this new type of traveler, the private condo owners will continue to flourish and ensure everyone’s stay lives up to the slogan “It’s More Fun in the Philippines”.


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