Principal Marketing Promotes Teamwork

The executives at Principal Marketing highlighted the benefits of the company's team-based culture. The president discussed how teamwork affects the firm's hiring practices.

“This has been an outstanding year for Principal Marketing,” said Kim P., the president. “Our team culture is a significant part of our success. Teamwork is the source of everything we do.”

The executives understand that a collaborative setting gives team members the opportunity to work at peak performance levels. “Individuals are more productive when they are part of a team,” said Kim. “In addition, they are more loyal to each other and to the company.”

“When everyone is working together, problem solving becomes more efficient,” added Kim. “Associates work toward a common goal, so they feel joint ownership of the problem and the win.” Team members regularly hold brainstorming sessions to address complex issues, which also provides the benefits of cross-training. “Everyone shares their ideas, which enables us to devise the best solutions,” she remarked. “It also enables us to avoid costly mistakes.”

"During our interview process, we look for more than subject matter experts,"



Cooperation also provides a positive work environment. Team members rely on each other for expertise, but they also help each other. “Everyone works together seamlessly, so there is less stress on specific individuals,” said Kim. “This allows for greater scheduling flexibility and less pressure on the entire team. When people work well together, they establish healthy relationships, which increases job satisfaction.”

Principal Marketing’s Team Approach Affects Hiring Practices

Kim and the management team at Principal Marketing realize that teamwork starts with hiring the right people. “A solid team player is more valuable to us than an individual expert who prefers to work alone,” she said. “That’s why we use rigorous screening methods.”

“During our interview process, we look for more than subject matter experts,” said the president. “We want to know about a candidate’s personality.” Each applicant spends time with team members in a work setting to see how he or she will fit into the daily operations of the group. “We require the answers to a range of questions,” she added. “Is the individual personable? Does this person have experience working within a team? Will this person be able to put the good of the team ahead of his or her personal interests?”

Once a new hire joins Principal Marketing, the individual is enrolled in the firm’s training program. “We take career development seriously,” said Kim. The curriculum includes training classes and a personalized coaching program. “No matter what experience you bring, we believe that furthering your skills will make you more successful.”

The team approach at Principal Marketing is what makes it the industry leader. “Teamwork and the success of the organization is what comes first,” said Kim. “Our associates understand that they are here because they have what it takes for everyone to win.”

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Principal Marketing specializes in unique promotional initiatives that produce lasting, measurable growth in new markets. Applying our core values of integrity, honesty and a strong work ethic, Principal Marketing executives are committed to expanding public awareness of our clients quickly and cost-effectively. By carefully researching consumer demographics, Principal Marketing designs strategic campaigns that captivate targeted audiences to significantly increase revenue. With the use of interactive marketing approaches based on dynamic outreach strategies, clients develop connections with consumers on a personal level, engaging and retaining these long-term relationships for outstanding profitability. For more information, please visit

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