Principal Marketing Beats Holiday Stress, Upholds Values

The president of Principal Marketing shared a few strategies for overcoming the stress of the holiday frenzy. She also discussed the ways she and other company leaders maintain the firm's core values during the busy season.

“When the holiday season rolls around, we at Principal Marketing are always well prepared,” boasted Kim P., the firm’s president. “Customer interactions and time demands reach their peak levels during the holidays, so we do everything we can to make sure our people are ready to overcome stress and remain productive. I’m proud of how well our team members have prepared this year, and I am confident they will perform well right through the frenetic holiday season.”

One way Kim and the rest of the Principal Marketing executive team make sure their team members thrive during the holidays is by setting clear expectations. The president explained, “It’s easy to get a little overwhelmed this time of year, with so many competing priorities both in and out of the workplace. We have found that people perform better during hectic times when they know exactly what is expected of them. By setting specific guidelines for success, we take some of the day-to-day pressure off our people and help them direct their efforts properly.”

Kim is also a believer in giving people some time to unwind, even in the midst of the seasonal rush. “If things get really frantic, I encourage our team members to get outside for a brisk walk,” she added. “In some cases, I’ll even give my associates an afternoon off to tend to personal matters or get a head start on their shopping. Little breaks like these can be the difference between giving in to holiday stress and thriving in spite of it.”

"If things get really frantic, I encourage our team members to get outside for a brisk walk,"



Principal Marketing Maintains Company Culture and Values Throughout Holiday Season

The leaders at Principal Marketing emphasize continuous improvement and spirited collaboration all through the year. During the holiday season, these core values become even more important. Kim stated, “We can’t afford to let our people lose sight of our shared values simply because there is so much going on around us. Through team training sessions and frequent check-ins, I and the other leaders at Principal Marketing ensure that our associates are on track and working together toward winning results during the holidays.”

To keep morale at high levels, company leaders also arrange a few holiday get-togethers each year. “Our office parties give our people a well-deserved chance to blow off some steam,” Kim noted. “I also like to use these gatherings as opportunities to recognize and reward our top performers. It’s a little bonus that I look forward to, and I know our team members do as well.”

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