Presidential Private Jet Vacations Brings a New Level to UHNWI Luxury Custom Vacations

Presidential Private Jet Vacations is changing how the UHNWI travel with their exclusive luxury custom-made travel experiences and destinations made specifically for the most worldly travelers.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Presidential Private Jet Vacations, the leisure luxury travel arm of Presidential Aviation, is pleased to announce the expansion of their opulent custom-made travel experiences and destinations. The company is changing how the most elite travel with the addition of their private jet vacations providing an exclusive luxury travel experience designed around the guest.

Presidential Private Jet Vacations, in partnership with a close-knit network of the most select names in luxury travel around the globe, creates luxurious travel events custom-made for their clientele. These crafted vacations intertwine the privilege of private flight with distinctive activities on the ground.

The jet travel experience with Presidential Private Jet Vacations is an intrinsic part of designing the entire journey becoming as enjoyable as the destination itself. Presidential Private Jet Vacations works together with their clients to select the private jet that best suits their travel needs and desires according to the size of the party, destination, and itinerary. The jet is at the disposal of the client for the duration of the trip.

“Our private jets are never shared with unfamiliar travelers, thus providing the ideal environment to weave memories from a really unique multi-generational travel experience that is entirely bespoke to fulfill our guests’ wanderlust. It is truly the epitome of travel,” says Oscar Arce, CEO of Presidential Aviation.

Presidential Private Jet Vacations utilize a fleet of late-model, luxuriously appointed, private jets of all categories including heavy, super midsize, midsize and light.

In addition to the most luxurious hotels and resorts around the world, Presidential’s private jet vacations include exclusive accommodations that introduce guests to the experience of local life in the host country in a manner consistent with their lifestyle. Travelers can experience private islands, castles, eco-lodges, luxury desert encampments, wineries, grand trains and much more.

Presidential Private Jet Vacations allows clients exclusive access. Guests have the opportunity to experience dinners hosted by those of royal lineage in India, share luxury tents with the Berber under the Saharan skies of Morocco, enjoy camel polo playing in Dubai, visit the Guggenheim Museum in Spain behind closed doors, thrill themselves with extreme driving on ice in a remote area in the North of Finland, kite-making in the company of a descendant of the Last Emperor's kite maker in China and many other exciting adventures.

“Luxury travel today is not just about visiting the most famous sites around the world; it is about an immersion in the culture of the destination locales that enriches the spirit of the traveler,” adds Arce. “All our private jet vacations are experiential in nature and give our guests insider access to rare activities often behind normally closed doors and unique accommodations.”

The travel experience with Presidential Private Jet Vacations is an exclusive experience of a lifetime. For more information visit


Presidential Private Jet Vacations is the leisure luxury travel arm of Presidential Aviation, Inc., a leading private jet operator in the United States. In partnership with a close-knit network of the most select names in luxury travel around the globe, they are the architects of highly curated luxury travel experiences designed around their guests’ interests and lifestyles. These bespoke vacations provide a truly private flight experience for closed groups, are experiential in nature and offer insider access to rare activities and unique accommodations providing the ideal environment for a multi-generational travel event. For more information about their jet charter vacation services, visit or call 754.200.3000.


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