Premium Black Vinegar Is Now Available In North America

Essan is introducing premium Kakuida black vinegar. These black vinegars are fermented over 3 years, and it has great health benefits. It helps blood circulation, metabolism, relieving fatigue, anti-aging, dieting and skin care.

Essan Inc., sole importer of Kakuida black vinegar, started introducing premium Japanese black vinegar from Kagoshima Japan.  Vinegar is one of the oldest fermented foods known to humanity and recent studies show great benefits of fermented food.  The benefits of black vinegar are relatively well known in Japanese, Korean, and Chinese culture, and Essan company started introducing this great Japanese Kakuida black vinegar to the North America.  Among the various kinds of Japanese vinegar, Kakuida black vinegar refers to naturally fermented brown rice vinegar with the aging period of over three years.  All vinegars are made according to the traditional way and are inspected by vinegar artisans who have traditional know-how.  Now with Essan Inc.’s supply in California, it’s easily accessible in the United States.  Clients do not need to ask for difficult shipping process all the way from Kagoshima, Japan. 

The introduction of this black vinegar is good news, because the benefit of drinking black vinegar is really great.  First, black vinegar alkalizes the body, decomposing and neutralizing the acidifying substances, thus strengthening the blood vessels and purifying the thickened blood.  The more the body becomes acidified, the more it becomes susceptible to inflammation, tumors, and cancer. Black vinegar is a good food to help accelerating nutrient expenditure in the body, thus prevent obesity.  Many more benefits are outlined below.  North American people can now enjoy this readily available amazing black vinegar product.

Many benefits of black vinegar are:

  • Helps relieve stress by decomposing lactic acids.
  • Helps stabilize blood pressure and prevent hardening of the arteries.
  • Helps blood circulation and metabolism.
  • Helps dissolve surplus nutrients.
  • Promotes digestion and improves constipation.
  • Protects against bacterial infection and strengthens immune system.
  • Lowers the risk of blood pressure and heart diseases.
  • Contains anticancer properties.
  • Contains outstanding effects on skincare.
  • Eliminates harmful bacteria in foods.
  • Elevates the rate of absorbing vitamin C and calcium

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