Premier Value Pharmacy Compounding Network Announces the Continued Expansion of its Pharmacy Compounding Network Program

Premier Value Pharmacy Compounding Network continues to grow and help its clients better manage pharmacy network compounding costs.

Premier Value Pharmacy Compounding Network (PVPCN), the nation’s first and most comprehensive compounding pharmacy network, announced the continued expansion of its client offerings related to its custom pharmacy compound network. PVPCN, founded in 2012, is focused on providing the strongest network of compounding pharmacies for the preparation of patient specific compounded preparations. PVPCN is a truly independent organization with no ties to any manufacturer, wholesaler or distributor.

Executive Director, Joseph Feliciani shared the following comments, “To the Health Insurers, PBMs, and other payors struggling with network billing of pharmaceutical compounds, we have the solution. We work side by side with clinical and network groups, internal cost containment teams, and prior authorization programs to provide clients with a proven solution to current issues involving compounded medication claims” The PVPCN network of pharmacies is stringently managed through direct oversight, clinical management, and quality assurance inspections. The PVPCN network is actively managing prescription claims for established clients throughout the United States. “What sets PVPCN apart from the rest is that our pharmacies have a well-rounded and patient focused approach to compounding; we understand this business better than anyone else in the industry”, Feliciani explained.

PVPCN has a growing portfolio of clients, which includes PBMs, Insurers, and Employer groups, as well as an exciting pipeline of sales prospects. The network is actively working through several 2014 implementations, and already looking forward to 2015. Through implementation of the proven and tested PVPCN custom compounding network, PBMs, Insurers, and other payors have gained assurance in the cost, quality, and clinical value of compounded medications. Feliciani added, “There is not another network of this kind in the United States with the proven results that we've demonstrated; we bring to the table the collective experience of pharmacists, PBM executives, and industry consultants to help you control costs and maintain a compounding benefit option for your clients and their membership.”

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Premier Value Pharmacy Compounding Network (PVPCN), the nation's first and most comprehensive compounding pharmacy network was founded in 2012.

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