Launches German Lotto 6aus49

New to the family is the Lotto 6aus49 lottery game, simply nicknamed the German Lotto. A new lottery game often garners attention from all members of the lottery community and the German Lotto has been no different.

Draw dates for the German Lotto are every Wednesday and Saturday evenings where the lucrative lottery has been renowned for producing winners.  The most popular game in Germany, the Lotto 6aus49 is available to play internationally through and now joins the ranks of super lottery games such as the US’ Powerball and Mega Millions, the Italian SuperEnalotto, Europe’s Euromillions, and many others. 

The welcomed addition has been in operation since 1955, a true testament to its reliability and popularity – this might have something to do with the lottery games track record of annually paying out close to €5 billion a year in prizes.  Boasting very reasonable odds and two weekly draws mean that participants’ chances off attaining an elusive grand jackpot win are very real. 

The rollover cap employed in the game design allows the jackpot prize to continuously roll over for a total of thirteen times after which it is automatically forfeit and redistributed amongst winners who place in the second prize tier category.  The odds of securing a tier win are a tantalizing 1 in 54; which with the rollover cap stipulation could easily result in a multi-million jackpot win for one or more fortuitous players.

The record held for highest jackpot win has been a remarkable €45,382,458 which was shared among three lucky ticket holders in December 2007, and the biggest single-ticket win was a colossal €37,688,292 won in October 2006.  Each midweek draw offers up a minimum €1,000,000 prize, which doubles up to a minimum €2,000,000 prize for the weekend draw.  Featuring very attainable wins by way of very realistic odds, the German Lotto is bound to retain its popularity online amongst loyal online lottery members just as it has endured in Germany.

Boasting top class security protocols and a 100% payout record for all prizes won through the service, playing the German Lotto online combines peace of mind and the convenience of playing from anywhere in the world, from the comfort of your home.

Play German Lotto online with and put yourself in the lottery winning fast-track for the €1,000,000 jackpot prize featured in this week’s lottery draw!

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