Pacsoft Improves Credit Card Processing with the Integration of Worldpay

Pacsoft is the first POS software to use Worldpay for the Retail Hardline Industry.

Pacsoft has integrated a new credit card processing service, Worldpay, into their iOpt POS software. This will be the first time the Retail Hardline Industry will utilize such a highly capable processing service. Their collaboration will introduce clients and customers to multi-currency and direct credit card processing and faster handling for POS transactions with cloud-based solutions.

Worldpay is the leading international payment company with capabilities that far surpass most others. In 2010, they became the largest merchant acquirer in England and is considered to be one of the largest, globally. The typical businesses that use their services are restaurants, salons, grocery stores, and other similar industries. Last year, Worldpay acquired SecureNet, a multi-channel commerce technology that started the payment industry’s only cloud-based solutions. This acquisition has increased mobile processing and improved data analytics for merchants. 

Pacsoft has determined that Worldpay is the best platform to support their software because of speed, cost, efficiency and cloud-based solutions. Since the adoption, Pacsoft has successfully upgraded over a dozen of their customers  systems with processing direct integration. This has improved usability of their software for clients to help run their businesses on mobile devices. The mobility is the heart and soul of making any business easier and more efficient. The benefits of this integration can be seen from the success of Pacsoft’s clients.

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