PACES Shows the Path of Success in Special Children's Life

In assistance with experience in 504 plans, suspension, expulsion and complete knowledge of IEP process, offers support to special children academically.

PACES offers special education services that can touch the international benchmark and serve the children and adults with disabilities in need of the support required to ensure their educational and personal needs are met according to law. In collaboration with various public and private organizations, PACES and its dedicated work team add the extra edge in ensuring children receive the services necessary to be academically and personally successful.

With comprehensive knowledge about the complete process of individualized education program, PACES assists parents and families to navigate through the special education procedure and bridges the gap between the school system and an advocate in order to let the child experience the joy of learning and comfortable feeling in school setting. In US, like any other country in the world, special education services are specifically designed to meet the educational and developmental requirements of children with disabilities, or those who are experiencing developmental delays. PACES serves as a core resource that shows the light of hope, progress and success to the children with special needs.

Martina Sholiton, the Special Education Administrator and the founder of PACES, has the complete understandability regarding the failure of schools in meeting their responsibilities to ensure that students receive the additional educational resources to which they are entitled. She is completely dedicated in fulfilling each commitment that she serves. After working as special education teacher, supervisor and administrator of special education services throughout New York, California and Arizona for several years, at PACES Martina is now guides children and families through various difficult and terrifying situations as well as assists them to overcome gravest problems successfully.

The core services that PACES provide include –
• Academic assistance
• Support service for children and adults with complete knowledge of IFSP, IEP and ISP
• Behavior support service
• Mental health service
• Support during expulsion, suspension and manifestation
• Skilled supervision
• Surrogate parenting service
• Foster care service
• Support for homeless
• Classroom observation and more

Trust PACES’ free consultation services, mental health services and other special needs services for special children because the organization’s sincere assistance is blended with reliability and client-centric approach. The needy families are not given any dummy pledge; every part gets done in a transparent manner because the organization believes in clarity with the clients. Ever since its establishment, PACES has gone through orderly growth in correspondence to this sincere approach. It is more remarkable that it has developed itself into one of the most advantageous destinations for special children and adults as well as their families all over US.

To know more information about the services or have a quick view on satisfied clients’ reviews visit Also you can contact at 831-392-6671 or mail at martina[@]

About PACES:
PACES is a leading special education organization in US, offering complete support and guidance to the special children so that they can become successful academically and socially. The organization is highly committed to its services and share sincere support for which it has become a reliable and popular resource for special education in and around US within short span of time.

Contact Us:
849 Almar Ave. Ste C-407,
Santa Cruz, California, 95060,
United State,
Telephone: 8313926671



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