Oral Surgeon in Livingston, NJ Joins Volunteers on Medical Mission to Peru

In the previous year's mission, Dr. Geldzahler recalls the strong emotions of the first day, which was set aside for patient screening.

Orosurgery’s Dr. Gerald Geldzahler, a renowned maxillofacial and oral surgeon in Livingston, will return to Peru on April 24, 2015 to join a group of dedicated nurses, pediatricians, anesthesiologists, and other surgeons for a second medical mission sponsored by Healing the Children, Northeast. The mission will focus on the surgical correction of cleft lip and palates for underprivileged children.

In the previous year’s mission, Dr. Geldzahler recalls the strong emotions of the first day, which was set aside for patient screening. “Seeing all those children with facial deformities in one room is overwhelming. You just have to choke back the tears and proceed,” said Dr. Geldzahler. In that mission, the group performed 64 surgeries over a period of four and a half days. Mission volunteers shouldered their own travel expenses, while carrying 2 bags of instruments and supplies each, and only bringing the mere necessities of personal items.

For this year, Dr. Geldzahler received a special request from a group of maxillofacial surgeons in Peru to treat a seven-year-old girl suffering from Hemifacial Microsomia, in addition to treating patients with cleft lips and palates. The girl’s condition causes a severe and unique facial deformity: one side grows normally while the other does not develop properly, leading to an asymmetric face. The disorder often comes with ear deformities, as well.

The condition also has functional concerns, as it leads to deficient jaws and muscles on the affected side. Dr. Geldzahler has treated many patients with this condition using a surgical procedure called Distraction Osteogenesis; in fact, he has lectured both nationally and internationally on the procedure.

Healing the Children Northeast is a non-profit, non-partisan, volunteer organization. Those interested in making donations can check out www.htcne.org for more details.

Dr. Geldzahler’s private practice is based in Livingston, providing high-quality services such as dental implantsfor Livingston patients. For more information, visit www.Orosurgery.com.

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